Wedding Photos: Seven tips for looking your best!

Every bride wants to look her amazing on her wedding day. You want those photos to be the best they can be. Of course starting with a photographer you trust 100% is key. But, there are some other things you can do to ensure you look like the gorgeous bride you are!

1. Get Some Sleep

It can be hard to get the rest you need the night before your wedding. Everything is going through your mind, including last minute details. So, be sure and do all of your planning ahead of time so you can get to bed early and with your mind at ease. After all, sleep is essential for looking fresh and fabulous!

2. Don't Forget to eat and Stay Hydrated

Have some breakfast, drink some water. Sounds like a simple things, but in the excitement of the day, you may tend to forget to take care of yourself. Eat small, protein rich snacks and hydrate yourself with plenty of water.

3. Carry Facial Blotters

Along with your make-up kit, don’t forget the facial blotters! You are bound to sweat, which can lead to excess oil on your face, so have them on hand to dab your face throughout the day and evening.

4. Be Yourself

Don’t try to look or be anything other than yourself. Your personality is one of the things that makes you so unique and lovely. Don’t try and change for the camera. If you tend to be the super spontaneous type, show it! If you are more on the quiet and reserved side, make sure that side of you is seen. Keep it real and the photos will always turn out beautifully.

5. Allow for Enough Time

Don’t put a limit on capturing moments that you will cherish forever. Consult with your wedding photographer to determine the best amount of time and plan accordingly. Also, check with the wedding or reception venue about the timing. If you’re working with a wedding planner, consult with them as well.

6. Practice Your Poses

Sure, a good wedding photographer will give you cues on where to put your hands or how to angle your body, but it’s still best to have some staple poses ready. Stay true to yourself and (as we mentioned above) and have fun. Also, you can even practice your smile. Your natural smile may be harder to hold than you think, so check yourself out in the mirror and get comfy with it.

7. Relax

The best photos will be those of a bride having the time of her life! Keep in mind that you are absolutely stunning. You are the bride and this is a day to celebrate your love. Enjoying the moment will lessen stress, and that will make for some stellar shots!