Six Reasons to Have a Spring Wedding

Spring weddings bring certain dreamy expectations to mind–longer and warmer days, loads of lovely flowers, and a fresh start. For a long while, spring nuptials were the most popular. An awakening of the senses in every way! Although other seasons have raised the bar, brides and grooms are still drawn to this time of year for lots of reasons. Below are the top six that come to our mind!

1. Flexible Dates!

The great thing about spring weddings is that the dates are flexible. You can have an early spring weather, which will actually save you a few bucks on the venue, flowers, and other costly parts to planning the big day. Or, you can choose to have your wedding later in the spring, closer to summer, just be prepared for the prices to be a bit higher the later in the season it gets.

2. Comfortable Weather!

Spring is known for its lovely weather. Depending on where you live, the climate is likely to be super comfortable. As opposed to summer, you won’t have to worry about battling the heat and humidity. This also makes it easy to choose any type of wedding gown or bridesmaids gowns. The only thing to watch out for in the spring is rain, so be sure and have a back-up plan (a tent) if any part of your wedding is outdoors.

3. Floral Wedding Gowns!

Bring on the garden weddings! Spring weddings are absolutely perfect for a gorgeous floral bridal gown to complement the feel of the season. If you love a romantic look, this time of year is definitely for you. Whether you like long sleeves or sleeveless designs, your choices are sure to be stunning, like a few of our favorite spring gowns below!

We love this statement tulle ballgown with embroidered lace trimming and immense floral patterns. Spring perfection!

Fun, fresh and completely fierce, this floral lace wedding dress brings you fashion-forward design with an unexpected twist.

Shimmer in this cap-sleeve, a-line gown with sheer detailed bodice. Whimsical floral appliques are stitched with silver throughout.

4. Beautiful Blooms!

 Everyone knows that with spring comes the blooming of the buds! Flowers are just starting to come to life and boy are they abundant! Most spring weddings call for bright or pastel flowers and spring will deliver that in spades! With so many choices, this is the perfect time of year to go crazy with the flowers. Get creative and have fun!

5. Many venue choices!

So you are planning a spring wedding and you want an outdoor venue? No problem! You are planning a spring wedding and want an indoor wedding? You got it! Since spring is no longer the peak season, your options will be plentiful and diverse.

6. New Beginnings!

If you are a tried and true traditional bride or couple, a spring wedding is the way to go. At one time in the wedding industry, it was known to be the most sought after time of year. Why? Spring weddings symbolizes growth and new beginnings, as does a marriage. So, if you love a classic vibe and happen to be sentimental, this time of year is ideal.