How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows: Tips and Advice

Writing your own vows is so personal, heartfelt, and let’s face it… scary! The thought sends some into a panic–writer’s block is real, especially when it comes to something so important. The bottom line is that both of you want your words to be as perfect as possible. But how do you fit so much emotion and so many thoughts in a compact yet impactful way? We have some tips that may just help you out.

First, keep in mind that your vows shouldn’t be a book–they should take only a few minutes to read, a few pages. There are lots of ways to go here–some prefer a very romantic, sentimental approach, while others may throw in a bit of humor. The biggest question we hear is: How do I even get started? Simple! Begin by jotting down the answers to the questions below:

Yes, it’s a lot of questions! But, you might be surprised at what thoughts and feelings they might ignite. Use these answers to try and write a draft. Don’t worry if it seems long, as you can edit that down (and don’t be afraid to ask for opinions and advice from a trusted loved one). We suggest trying to include the following:

It’s certain at some point during the vow writing process that you will feel overwhelmed. That’s totally normal, so you MUST be patient. It’s so easy to feel that what you have written is not good enough (trust us, it will be!) Take your time and write several drafts if need be. As you edit, over time, they will form into the perfect words, for your perfect day, for your perfect person.