Six Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding!

There’s just something magical about winter. And, with the festive mood of the holidays floating through the air, the tone has already been set for an unforgettable big day. It’s a time of year that continues to gain popularity as a choice for lots of couples, and for good reason!

1. Saves money!

 Since winter weddings are still on the rise, you are likely to find many ways to save money. For example, if you have a specific venue in mind, expect to see much less expensive prices than if you booked in the warmer months. SInce it is considered an off season, the business owners might be willing to negotiate depending on what you want. Your guests will also save money if they are traveling from out of town and need accommodations. After the holidays, hotel and flight prices plummet!

2. Stunning wedding dresses!

A Winter Wonderland bride? What’s not to love? Wedding gowns fit for a winter wedding are abundant and beautiful! You may immediately think of long sleeves, which are very popular for the colder months, but they aren’t the only way to go. Don’t forget about textures, fabrics, and overall vibe–when you find THE ONE, you’ll know. Plus, winter bridal accessories are super fun! Who doesn’t love a stunning cape or faux fur wrap? Below are three of our winter faves available at VOWS.

Mikaella 2355

The perfect dress for a winter bride. It is simple, elegant and gives you the most beautiful silhouette! Structured and clean-cut from the front with a bateau neckline and finishes with an exquisite keyhole open-back made of Illusion lace.

Paloma Blanca 4956

This dramatic wedding gown is a modern twist on a classic style. Timeless and elegant in its cut and fit, striking in its rich texture and magnificent details.

Essense of Australia D3274

Let it snow in this flirty, fun and glamorous ball gown. The sheer bodice offers a decadent bouquet of organic lace florals, covering the sheer long sleeves with a tattoo-like effect.

3. Venue availability!

The venues you love most will most likely have more availability in the colder months (depending on location) than any other time of the year. Therefore, take your time and look around at all your options. A January or March wedding can often be the least expensive months, therefore, the availability of most venues will be on your side.

4. Beautiful décor!

Brides have fallen in love with the stunning and whimsical décor that comes with having a winter wedding. Think silvers and light blues colors. Also, deep reds and greens are more traditional but still a lovely choice. Imagine soft but dramatic lighting with tons of twinkle lights and candles… just dreamy. Plus, that fluffy snow and cozy feel of the chill in the air is totally free and adds such a gorgeous ambience.

5. Beat the heat & the stress

A winter wedding traditionally takes place indoors, which eliminates the worry of weather-related fiascos. For example, no tent required! No humidity, no sweat! Worries that come with the possibility of rain, wind or downpours  are no more. It’s a win-win!

6. Amazing Wedding Photos!

Have you seen some winter wedding photos? Absolutely amazing, right? It’s easy to fall in love with the idea of that frosty, fairytale look. If you are lucky enough to have a bit of snow fall that day, the perfect backdrop will be in play for wedding photos that are otherworldly!