Wedding Reception FAQ’s Answered

After the excitement of picking your wedding reception decor, music and food comes the little details, right? Some couples may be lost as to how it traditionally progresses or have questions about basic reception etiquette. This is completely normal! There’s a lot to consider so you want to be sure and get these questions answered well in advance. We have chosen our most frequently asked questions to answer for you.

What is the purpose of the receiving line?
The purpose of the receiving line is to greet your guests! The receiving line normally stands at the entrance of the reception area and includes the bride and groom and the parents of each. It’s a great way for everyone to introduce themselves, extend a “thank you” for attending the wedding.

Who sits at what table when it comes to the wedding party, etc.?
Normally, the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen all sit at one table. If you are having one parent’s table, both sets of parents and grandparents can sit here. At this table, you can absolutely seat aunts, uncles, godparents, clergy or other close relatives as well.

What is the order in which we enter the hall?
This is optional, but most couples seem to like the idea of an introduction. It’s a fun way for everyone involved to show a little of their personality. If that’s your thing, here is the traditional order in which their names will be called as they walk in separately.

      · Bride’s parents
      · Groom’s parents
      · Groomsmen and bridesmaids
      · Best man and maid of honor
      · Flower girl and ring bearer
      · Bride and groom

**You want to be sure that the DJ or announcer has a list of everyone in the wedding party, including their first and last names, who they are, their role in the wedding, and the order in which to announce them. Check it twice, as this is very important!

Are favors handed out before or after dinner, and are they for everyone?
Favors are indeed for every single guest. You can choose when to give them out. You can wait until after dinner and have a table set up with a super cute display, or another popular choice is to already have them on the dinner table adorning each place setting. The choice is yours and feel free to get creative here!