How to Pick Bridesmaid Dresses by Style

It’s time to choose your bridesmaids gowns! Good for you! This is a part of your planning that should be fun, not frustrating. But, with so many designers and tons of styles from which to choose, how do you even start to narrow down the field? First, you must think of the type of wedding you are having, as well as the style of your wedding gown. The bridesmaid’s dresses should also reflect this vibe. You want the overall look of the wedding party to have a flow to it. Below are the popular styles and what you should consider about each one.


Romantic bridesmaids’ dresses could be either short or long. Think flowing materials and solid colors. or how about a fun and flirty floral fabric design? Lace detailing is also a super feminine and a lovely option.


Traditional bridesmaid dresses are for the most part longer in length. However, mid-shin is also popular. Think higher necklines and simple designs. Sleeves can vary from long to cap to three-quarter inch. Traditional colors tend to be a bit darker and richer, such as burgundy, purples and greens.


Modern bridesmaid dresses are all over the map as far as style goes. For length, think floor length all the way up to above the knee. There are really no set rules, just go with the trends! Popular modern necklines include bateau and classic sweetheart. Modern colors bring thoughts of silvers, black, charcoals and chocolates.


Bohemian bridesmaids dresses, which always seem to have that vintage flare, range in length and volume. Pretty much anything goes. If you are looking for a more uniformed look when deciding on styles, pick one style that can work for all your bridesmaids and have them choose a color of their choice. Or, go mix and match with patterns and solids. Off-the-shoulder designs, cowl necks and halters are perfect for going boho. Buttercream yellow, coral, rosey hues and even whites are popular colors to consider.