How to Care for Your Bridal Veil Before and After the Wedding

Of course your wedding gown is top priority, but don’t forget about your veil! The veil is often the icing on the cake when it comes to your total bridal ensembl, so treat it with respect. It’s important to know how to care for your veil before AND after the wedding. Ultimately, it will be an heirloom that you want to keep in the best condition possible, not only to look your best on the big day, but to also have something sentimental after the celebration.

Before the Wedding

More than likely, when you receive your veil, whether you ordered it online or bought it at a shop, it is bound to be slightly wrinkled. Removing these wrinkles is a pretty simple process. It is recommended that you hang your veil using the ribbon loop (usually provided with the veil—if one is not, request one). Be patient, as it may take a couple of days for the wrinkles to disappear. To speed up this process you can also hang it in the bathroom while showering. The steam will loosen the wrinkles very nicely, and it is super simple to do!

If your veil has loads of embellishments and is longer in length, you may want to consider hiring a professional. NEVER try and do it yourself. The materials are very sensitive to direct heat and don’t want to ruin it!

After the Wedding

Many brides want to preserve their veil as they do their bridal gowns. Veils are often given as another bride’s “something old” or “something borrowed,” so you want to make sure it will look as beautiful as the day you wore it, right? Below are some easy tips on how to do so.

Assess the condition of your veil. Check for holes, tears, or stains. Tulle and lace are very delicate, but can be repaired by an expert seamstress. If you see stains, consult a professional for removal, never try and do it yourself or go to a dry cleaner!

Gently place your wedding veil in a non-buffed, acid-free box, or non-woven garment bag, separate from your wedding dress. Make sure the box is big enough so as to not cause too many wrinkles.

Place sheets of acid-free paper between the folds of your veil and wrap it in a clean cotton sheet or pillowcase. Never use plastic. Then, make sure you store the box in a dark, dry place, such as a closet or under a bed.

Where do you find the right paper? Non-buffed, acid-free tissue paper, storage boxes and more are readily available at your local bridal boutiques or online.

Store the preserved veil in a cool, dry place. The storage place should have a temperature that remains constant, such as a closet–not a basement or attic where it can get damp.

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