How to Protect your Wedding Dress: Tips and Tricks

Your wedding gown represents you, your style, and the feel of your wedding day. You have spent lots of heart-felt time and energy to find THE ONE. So, don’t take any chances when it comes to protecting it on the big day. So much can happen in the chaos, so it is super important to be prepared. It’s the little things that will give you peace of mind. Below are some simple tips to help you, and your gown, look and stay fabulous!

Tips and Tricks

If your gown has a train, consider an alteration to create a bustle. This will give your gown a unique style and keep it from dragging on the ground and getting soiled during the reception. (Check out our blog: How to Pick the Right Wedding Dress Bustle)

 Use a padded hanger to hang your dress before it goes into a garment bag.

Transport your wedding dress in a garment bag. Besides your jewelry, (which the dress could get snagged on) your gown should be the last thing you put on before heading down the aisle.

Don’t dry clean your gown before the ceremony; you don’t want to risk any mistakes.

Always store your dress in a safe environment–somewhere clean and away from children or pets. Avoid areas that are moist or dusty.

Make sure your hands are clean and dry when you take the gown out of the bag.

Lay the gown flat once it does come out of the bag, preferably on a clean sheeted surface.

 Carry a stick of white chalk with you on the day of the ceremony to cover any spots that may accidentally get on your gown.

Keep a spray bottle handy for small wrinkles. Spray the area lightly and use a hairdryer to dry the area and remove the wrinkle.

Talk to your florist about your bouquet. Did you know that some flowers have pollen that could stain your gown? Yikes!

Have an umbrella on standby! You never know what Mother Nature will bring, so in case of rain, it is always good to have to keep your dress nice and dry.

Think about using a reputable wedding gown preservation company. They will remove spots, treat against discoloration and protect from fabric deterioration so that your gown can be passed on and saved perfectly.

If you are wearing a veil, whether it be more traditional or birdcage, hang it on a hanger in the bathroom, outside the shower rod, run the shower for 15-20 minutes to create steam. The steam will loosen the wrinkles and they will fall away like magic!