How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress Silhouette

Not all wedding dress silhouettes are created equal. They are all very different and are available in different cuts and styles. The good news is that your choices are abundant! Like wedding gowns themselves, the brides who wear them come in all varieties, shapes and sizes–all of which are beautiful and unique. Your goal is to find the look that compliments your body the best. Our goal is to help you do that!

Simply put, almost every wedding gown today is made in one of these basic silhouettes: A-line, Full Skirt, Sheath, and Trumpet. Let’s break them down…


The A-line dress literally comes from the letter “A” and its shape—a narrow bodice and outer edges of slightly flowing skirt. Available in a variety of fabrics, the A-line cut may or may not have a seam at the waist, which may be higher or lower than the natural waistline.

The A-line is super popular for a reason–it looks fabulous on most ALL body types. The shape leaves room to move and doesn’t accentuate one specific area of your body. A big plus is that it is as comfortable as it is beautiful!

Full Skirt

A full skirt wedding dress, or ball gown, is known for bringing the drama! It features a defined, cinched waist, dropped or natural, and a full skirt. It can be slightly or super full, depending on your taste. The fitted bodice is key to this look, bringing all eyes to that swoon-worthy skirt!

A full skirt dress is perfect for fuller figures as it defines your waist making it look smaller than it may be. It also hides any imperfections you may want to hide around your hips and bottom. And like your shoulders? This gown is the perfect choice to highlight them. On the other hand, ladies looking to actually create curves love this shape too–again the waist is key here paired with the wide bottom, it creates the illusion of curves you may not have.


The sheath dress, also known as a column dress, is a sculpted, body-hugging silhouette. There is no hiding anything in this style! It can be exquisite and down right statuesque given the right fit. The effect will differ depending on the weight and drape of the fabric.

The sheath style is for the bride who isn’t afraid to show off her body! Brides of any body type are drawn to this look, and for good reason. If you find the right style, it can be super sexy and quite the show stopper! Petite brides may be drawn to this shape since the slim cut adds length or height.


The trumpet gown, also known as the fit and flare and mermaid dress, has the shape of, you guess it… a trumpet!! It is fitted through the body and has a straight-lined skirt that subtly flares from the knee toward the hem to form the trumpet shape. It beautifully emphasizes the waist and hips.

With such a specific shape, it might be surprising that the trumpet gown can look great on a number of body types. It is perfect for the bride who wants to create the look of a smaller waist, or the bride who wants to show off the tiny waist she has. Tall, short, curvy, petite, and everything between, the trumpet style is sure to show off your best ‘assets.’

IMPORTANT: We at VOWS believe that any bride can wear any style they dream of. No matter your size or shape, if you have your heart set on a particular silhouette, TRY IT ON! Also, keep an open mind–you may just be surprised! Some brides think that certain cuts or styles are off limits to them, but once they try one on, it ends up being THE ONE!