How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Colors

Your wedding colors will set the vibe for your big day. You need to think about the bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, flowers, centerpieces, table settings, and so much more! With a ton of colors from which to choose, you may find yourself scratching your head about where to start. This is where we come in! There are some simple but important things to consider to make this process easy and fun! Check out our tips for picking your perfect wedding colors.

Your Venue

The first step in picking colors is to consider your venue, especially if it is indoors. What are the colors of the walls? The carpet? Wall art? All of these things and more could clash with your color palette. With that said, you won’t need to match your colors perfectly with the venue, but make sure they compliment the look. For example, maybe your reception area has a burgundy or red carpet, or even red painted walls. If this is the case, you could choose colors like a classic black and white palette, or even turquoise or nudes would look lovely. Furthermore, if your venue is outside, it widens your choice of colors. Beach or garden weddings are perfect for any pastel your heart desires–especially blushes, corals, lavenders, and pale blues. Rustic barn weddings are also an ideal venue to let your unique color choices shine–popular colors include shades of oranges, greens, yellows are purples.

The Season

Whether you are a spring, summer, autumn or winter bride, the organic backdrop of the season should be considered. Some colors lend themselves better to particular times of the year. For example, spring weddings often call for pastels of all shades–pick one, two or an array to mix and match. Summer weddings can go either pastels or super bright–think a pale pink or a bright pink, or both! Think a pale yellow or bright yellow, or both! Metallic gold is also a fab summer choice, as it catches the sun so beautifully. Autumn colors beg for warm color tones like rust oranges, sage or emerald greens, and all shades of deep purples. Winter weddings can be lots of fun to choose too! We are seeing lots of winter whites, metallic silvers and cooler shades of blues.

Your Favorites

It is your wedding, and choosing a color that is a personal favorite is so very important! You want to feel uplifted and happy on your big day, and colors play such a huge role in mood, don’t you agree? The great news is that no matter what your favorite color is, there is likely a shade or shades that will work with both the venue and the season. A color wheel is a great way to explore the array of shades of each color–don’t be afraid to use it!

Complimentary Colors

Once you have narrowed down your colors by venue, season, and your personal faves, you want to make sure they look cohesive and flow together. Keep in mind that you want to pick only one dominant color, never two! The other colors should compliment that color. Again, color wheels are a great reference to use! For example, if your dominant color is a bright orange, you don’t want to choose a bright yellow to go with it–they would compete with each other. Consider colors that are more muted or neutral than the main color of your scheme. On another note, if your dominant color is a softer color like a white or nude, consider adding a pop of color to your bouquets or even headpieces to break up what can sometimes look too muted or washed out. The combinations are plentiful, so take your time and choose wisely, but choose with your heart as well!