How To Choose Your Bridal Party

Weddings can be wondrous, magical, whimsical affairs.

You might have even staged a few as a child, lining up your Beanie Babies in neat rows to watch as you married the family pet. You probably pulled off this idyllic union all by yourself, but real weddings can be a bit more complex. Unfortunately, people are much more difficult to manage than stuffed animals, and you will need some help!

This comes in the form of a Bridal Party: A rag-tag team comprised of your closest friends and family, whose sole job is to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

But How do you choose this Bridal Party? While Raggedy Ann might have served as the perfect Maid of Honor, who among your friends embodies the principles of Raggedy?

That’s where we come in…Here’s a guide to assembling and choosing the perfect Bridal Party.

Maid of Honor

Maid of Honor is a big job.

They must be a leader to the bridesmaids and a pillar of support to the bride.  In short, a maid of honor must have the command of a drill sergeant, and the warmth of a puppy. It is a role reserved for a best friend or sister.

You want someone who knows you well. The MOH is responsible for the bridal shower, and the bachelorette party. These events vary wildly based (ON WHAT YOU, the bride would enjoy), and your Maid of Honor should know if you prefer Scattegories to Chippendales.

The Maid of Honor should also be someone you like to spend time with. She will help with wedding planning decisions, and accompany you throughout your wedding day. So, you should want to see her, A LOT.


Looking after the bride does not only fall on the shoulders of Maid of Honor. She has a team of bridesmaids to help her out.

When choosing bridesmaids, there are many factors to consider.

You of course want to pick your closest friends, emotionally, but you’ll also want to pick your closest friends, geographically. Ideally, bridesmaids will live fairly close to the bride, so they can be present for all the  planning and all the parties. Skype can always be utilized for one or two people, but you don’t want your entire bridal shower to take place in a chat room.

Time is also important to think about. Some friends are busier than others, and you don’t want the role of bridesmaid to be a burden. You want someone who wants to help! A best friend that works 60 hours a week may not be the best choice, for you or her.

Hopefully these tips help you  assemble the perfect team for the job. Remember, weddings are a blast, but they are the culmination of hard work. You want a bridal party that is not only eager to be in your wedding, but also eager to help!

Flower Girl

A Flower Girl is a young child who will scatter flowers alongside the bridesmaids.

A Flower Girl is a young child who will scatter flowers alongside the bridesmaids. This could be  a young member of your family, or the child of a close friend.

While Flower Girls are traditionally female, as the name implies, a young boy can be just as cute with a handful of petals.

Cute is the key word with Flower Girls or Boys. Surprisingly, five year olds may not throw petals with the utmost grace. They may stall before walking. They may even cry. But remember, whatever mistake they make, it will be a cute mistake, and there is no need to stress.