A Spellbound Salem Affair: Kari & Matt


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Kari & Matt

Kari, from Hudson, MA, and Matt, from Salem, MA, are this month’s featured couple. There was something “magical” about Kari & Matt’s wedding. Could it have been the way Kari’s gorgeous gown seemed to float on air? Or was it that the big day took place in historic and enchanting Salem, MA? Let’s check out their journey!


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The Proposal

Wedding Dress
Photo: © Hancer Photography

On a lovely night in December, Matt and Kari were on their way to their favorite restaurant for “date night” when Matt received a text from his mother, Terri–she needed help with her Christmas lights. Kari says she didn’t really give the request a second thought, and was happy to go lend a hand. So, after they enjoyed a lovely dinner, Kari and Matt skipped the ice cream stop they had planned and headed over the Terri’s to help. When they arrived, Terri was already in the yard. She informed them that her lights would only work if they were on the ground, and they wouldn’t work when she placed them on the bushes. She insisted on demonstrating the “problem” to Matt and Kari. To Kari’s surprise, when Terri plugged in the lights that lay on the ground, they lit up to spell out “Marry Me?” Kari turned around to see Matt on one knee with a ring. Kari, of course, said “YES!” They spent the rest of their date night celebrating with champagne and eating ice cream.





Kari and Matt Wedding
Photo: © Hancer Photography

The Venue and Theme

Kari and Matt decided they wanted a hometown wedding that felt like a destination wedding. Their “perfect choice” was Matt’s hometown of Salem, MA, known for its history, stunning old-world charm, and coastal feel. The ceremony was held on July 2, 2016, at the Tabernacle Congregational Church. The reception took place only two blocks away at Rockafellas, a historic building turned restaurant, located right in the heart of the downtown.

The color scheme was shades of orchid, lime green, and gold, perfect for a summer wedding. Also, the couple, who are both musicians, incorporated as much music as possible, including a superb live band and music-themed table numbers named after famous composers and music lingo. Kari’s father, who made the cake himself, even used custom cake toppers of the couple holding instruments. Elegance and fun for all!




The Dress

Photo: © Hancer Photography

Kari and Matt were thrilled to be able to book their dream venue in July 2016. Since they became engaged right before Christmas, the dress hunt had to commence ASAP! Kari had heard about VOWS through a friend, and knew that a beautiful off-the-rack gown was the way to go.

Kari and a few of her bridesmaids trudged through January sleet to make it to her appointment after a full day of work. Kari says, “We ran around picking out all different styles of dresses, and I clearly remember pulling out my dress and telling my friend that it was way too much detail for me.” Her friend convinced her to give the dress a chance, saying “you don’t know until you try it.” She did try it, and she loved it. After trying on other gowns, nothing else compared. She had already found the gown! Kari goes on to say, “We worked with Gabrielle, who was amazing and so very helpful. She seemed to know exactly what I wanted, and completely agreed with every decision we made. And, in the end, we all agreed on my beautiful Victor Harper dress.”

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Photos: © Hancer Photography

A big thank you to Kari and Matt for sharing their story and stunning photos. Here’s to a lifetime of music, laughter, and love. Congratulations from all of us at VOWS! If you would like to be a featured bride, please submit our Featured Bride Form so we can contact you and share your wedding story.


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