Countdown to the Latest Bridesmaid Trends of 2015

After you have chosen your perfect dress, the next step in the process includes finding the perfect discount bridesmaid gowns to accompany yours. Although Bridepower does not carry looks for your leading ladies, they are still a major part of your day. The tradition of having bridesmaids dates all the way back to ancient Rome, a time when superstitions ran high. Ten maids stood next to the bride to protect her from evil spirits that might try to harm her. Their aim was to look almost identical to the bride; that way bad spirits would be foiled when trying to pick out which one she was. Times have really changed since then, as has the role of maids.

Each season, bridesmaid trends progress and develop into something new and different. Below is a countdown to the hottest trends for your ladies in 2015!

7. Soft Pallets

Whether you choose blush, mocha, ivory, or taupe, neutral tones for your girls offer a romantic, dressy feel to your pictures. These soft colors are the perfect backdrop for you, accenting your dress without overshadowing it. Plus, you can accent with essentially any color in flowers or in decoration. Your girls will look dreamy and airy in a minimalist pallet.

6. Light Fabrics

An ongoing trend, light fabrics are the easiest for your ladies to wear. Not only comfortable, chiffons and tulles are extremely flattering and easy to dance in. Bobbinet is a newer fabric hitting the bridal markets, and its bigger weave resembles netting. Bobbinet is a softer, less durable fabric that will still look great in a cathedral or in the woods. Make your bridesmaids love you and choose a chiffon, tulle, or bobbinet dress!

5. Cutout Backs

In line with the bridal gown trend, cutout backs for your ladies are ever growing in popularity. Showing a smidgen of back lends a romantic feel to any airy bridesmaid gown. This small detail is a great addition to the back of any simple gown and gives guests a piece to admire while you’re saying your vows.

4. One-Shoulders

When it comes to comfort, security, and being on-trend, one-shoulders really accomplish it all. If your party is a range of different shapes and sizes, a single strap will please nearly every figure. Fuller busts will feel fully covered, and smaller busts will feel held in and secure. Plus, one-shoulders can be styled so differently! These straps can come across the front, they can simply sit on the shoulder, they can be illusion or solid – and the possibilities for back detail are endless. If you pick a one-shoulder dress, you’ll make your maids very happy.

3. Prints

This is a trend that could take a few seasons to hit the mainstream. Printed bridesmaid dresses, when put together correctly, are a fun and flirty accent to your bridal gown. Some brides are simply dressing their most important maids in prints and the rest in a coordinating solid, while some brides dive right into putting everyone in a print. There are geometric prints available for your girls, but there are also floral prints, lined designs, and many others for them to choose from. Add a little pizazz to your party with prints!

2. Infinity Dresses

Often called the “convertible dress,” this type of gown has long straps or panels that can be manipulated into different preferred necklines. Just now hitting the mainstream designers, the infinity dress ensures every bridesmaid is comfortable and happy in her gown. And it makes the dress really easy to wear again!

1. No More Uniformity

Surprisingly, brides no longer want to see their maids wearing the same dress in the same color. Some brides just give their girls a color pallet and let them choose a dress within it, while other brides pick a designer and fabric and then give their bridesmaids options in that line. The ombre color spectrum is very popular, and some brides go for all different textures – lace, chiffon, sequins, cotton, etc. When done correctly, this trend looks effortless, but it’s not as easy as it appears. It becomes successful when brides are willing to invest more time and effort into putting it together!

No longer there to keep you safe from demonic forces, your bridesmaids should complement you and your dress. The above list is just a few trends coming out of the woodwork, and there are more up-and-coming looks that can wow your guests. Ultimately, your bridesmaids love you and will wear whatever you tell them to, so if you find yourself worrying about what they’ll wear – don’t. They’re up there with you for a reason, so put them in something you find beautiful!