Wedding Trend Predictions for 2015

What makes Bridepower so passionate about the bridal industry is not only being able to provide brides with beautiful discount wedding gowns but also seeing how the trends change from year to year. Nothing ever remains constant — for instance, five years ago it was very difficult to locate a gown with straps. Looks change consistently and quickly, so people must turn to bridal designers’ newest lines to keep up with the latest and greatest gowns. Below is a summary of the styles forthcoming in 2015.

1. Straps

A trend that has not yet faded, straps on dresses are only evolving and getting stronger. A few years ago, cap sleeves and keyhole backs were all the rage. Now, portrait necklines with off-the-shoulder detailing are popping up. What a blast from the past! V-straps are still hot on the market, although the plunge continues getting deeper and deeper. If you don’t mind showing a little chest, 2015 is your year to find your dress! Another look shown is collars and cold shoulder halters — this is a phenomenal neckline for girls with wider shoulders. If you want eye-catching detail everywhere on your dress, embroidered illusion backs are still showing very strongly as well.


2. Wispy and Ethereal

Continuing into 2015, the sheath silhouette seems to be more popular than ever. Whether your nuptials will take place in a cathedral or in the Caribbean, the boho and beach chic styles are a very comfortable and figure-flattering choice. Designers are taking minimalism very seriously this year, and they’re removing layers of fabric and crinoline. The Great Gatsby looks are included in this group, with sleek shapes and heavy beading. Looking for as little dress as possible? This is your year!

3. New Colors

While blush, light gold, and champagne are still big in the bridal world, new hues are being introduced, and it’s easy to fall head over heels for them! For the non-traditional brides out there who never envisioned themselves in a white dress, now you have brown, blue, gray, and even mint to choose from. The variety of tones is steadily growing, which means a colored dress is more and more becoming the norm. A colored gown is a creative way to introduce all kinds of colors into your big day!

4. Two in One

The two-in-one dress is a specialty design that usually consists of a detachable tulle overskirt that, when taken off, reveals a shorter length or a slimmer silhouette. Slowly creeping into the market, this is a great bang-for-your-buck gown. You can surprise your guests by wearing one look to the ceremony and another look to the reception!

5. Coverage and Outerwear

From capes to shawls to furry jackets, outerwear is steadily increasing in popularity. Our website has a large variety of shawl styles for you to choose from. The fur cape has always been a strong piece in weddings during colder months, but now there are full-length capes that become a beautiful, gauzy accessory to your dress. Ivory jackets are another wonderful invention to keep warm or just to make a fashion statement! Long shawls can be wrapped multiple times around the arms and even around the head — when you’re a bride, any fashion statement is possible to make!

2015 is predicted to be a year of daring new looks and daring new brides. Couture bridal gowns are no longer just for the wealthy or the famous! These bold styles are inching their way into the mainstream. If you pick your wedding dress in 2015, you’re sure to have a variety of things to choose from; and if you find the perfect gown on, you’ll get a fashion-forward 2015 look at an affordable price!