Ideas for Your Rustic Vintage Wedding

Struggling to put together the theme of the big day? Some looks are more difficult to put together than others — designing requires a bit of finesse, and not all are born with the talent. So if you’re still wondering how to put your special day together and it’s drawing ever closer, fear no more! Luckily for you left-minded people, over the last few years, bridal trends have leaned toward a theme that requires little decorating knowledge: rustic vintage. Below are some ideas to help you piece together the day’s vision!

The rustic theme began to take hold of the bridal realm half a decade ago and is meant to invoke a feeling of the outdoors even if your guests are inside. So for you, that means lots of flowers, wood, and neutral tones. This does not mean you are obligated to hold your nuptials outdoors, of course!

The Gown

Your bridal gown is, as always, the most important part of this day. That means that what you wear should follow this theme. You should begin looking for a gown with lace, tulle or organza, and a general vintage appeal. Your silhouette is up to you, but most women choose a sheath or fit and flare style. Tulle and organza are two fabrics that feel and look extraordinarily soft. Something with a strap and a detailed back is always a fun choice. If you’d like to explore a bit more adventurous of an option, consider finding a gown in a pastel color!

Color Scheme

For color schemes, there are certain pallets to choose from. If you’re a bit of a girly girl, you can do shades of pink — from as light as blush to as bold as fuchsia. These tones can easily be matched with multi-shaded bouquets, and many bridesmaid gowns will come in a variety of pinks. If you’re not looking to create a pink wedding, the hot pallet of 2014 was blush pink mixed with gold, champagne, and ivory. These tones bring out a certain feminine and earthy feeling when placed together. The overall scheme for your rustic wedding should remind your guests of lightness and their connection with the earth.


In a rustic vintage wedding, the more flowers the better! They add softness to the atmosphere. Many women use lots of baby’s breath — it’s a great way to cut the flower cost a little, too. If you have the means, maybe incorporate a few succulents into the bouquets and centerpieces. They look clean and have an aged appearance.

Recently, rustic and bohemian have been going hand-in-hand. Bohemian often has a more casual feel, with floral wreaths and simpler gowns. Usually, this is more scaled down and earthy — for example, many women go barefoot underneath their gown. If you’re on a stricter budget, bohemian might be the way to go!

Rustic weddings are always a gorgeous choice. So if you’re having trouble, consider going this route! DIY decorations are often an apt addition to the ambiance, so you can get a little creative for the big day. Inside this scheme, you can even get sparkly with some sequins and glitter. So get inspired, and make your big day rustic and vintage!