Bridal Hats

Bridepower strives to provide all things wedding at a wonderful price — whether you’re a traditional bride or not, our goal is to carry what you’re looking for. Wedding trends are constantly changing, which means we’re always updating our inventory. Increasingly, brides have requested alternative looks to the traditional veil. These looks include hats and fascinators, and they’ve quickly become one of the latest bridal trends!

Hats vs. Fascinators

A lesson on accessories: Hats are different from fascinators. Bridal hats sit atop the head and have some sort of brim. Fascinators are on a clip or comb and make a separate fashion statement. Hats are an older, vintage choice, whereas fascinators are an updated, European throwback. Each type has its desirable aspects and can be your perfect hair adornment if you don’t want to wear a bridal veil.

History of Hats and Fascinators

Hats and fascinators are an historical part of fashion. The ebb and flow of the hat trend will always continue. However, fascinators have almost always been a hot look. The fascinator dates all the way back to the 1300s, when women used to gather their hair into Princess Leia side buns and slide in brooches with expensive fabrics and jewels sewn on for effect.

That hair accessory went through slight modifications over the centuries until 18th century Europe transformed it into what is now the modern fascinator. Women of royalty began adorning their hair with feathers, fruits, and miniature garden scenes in order to express their mood. These were especially popular in France at the time, called pouf au sentiments. They then gained the name “fascinator” in the 20th century simply because they didn’t muss up the hair like the standard hat.

The headwear looks you’ll see on our website include these fashionable fascinators. If the bridal veil doesn’t interest you, your wallet will thank you — you won’t spend nearly as much for your accessory. We’ve made these gorgeous pieces available to you at a discounted price, so you won’t have to break the bank to get the style you want. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars for these headpieces at a bridal salon, while we at Bridepower offer them to you at a very affordable cost.

Brides, you are not the only ones who can adorn your hair on the big day! Ask your mothers or grandmothers if they would like to wear hats or fascinators for the wedding. With the elegant, vintage appeal of hats, that may be the question they’re waiting for! Especially if you’re wearing one in your hair, the bridal party may want to coordinate with their own feathery headdresses. If you like that idea, make your wedding a Brit-chic affair, and request that all of your guests get a fun little hair adornment!

Alternative to Bridal Veil

Hats and fascinators are wonderful alternatives to the traditional bridal veil. If you consider your wedding more adventurous, then take the plunge and get one of our fashionable (and reasonably priced) fascinators! There’s only one thing to bear in mind: You’re wearing the accessory; don’t let the piece overwhelm you or the look you’ve put together. Wear something that expresses your mood and personality, and have a little fun with your hair! Hats off to you!