Brooches: The Heirloom Trend That Keeps on Giving

Brooches aren't just for dresses! Try new things, and don't be afraid to explore.
Brooches don’t just work on dresses! Try new things, and don’t be afraid to explore.

Brooches have always been that sparkly, hidden little bridal trend. They seem to surpass the trials of time, passed down through generations of families for women to use in one way or another. Many women don’t wear their great-great-grandma’s old brooch in everyday clothing, but it’s a great pin to incorporate into a wedding. Then, these brides can consider it their “something borrowed.” Don’t know what to do with your familial brooch(es)? You’d be surprised at all the options!

The most common way women use their brooch is in their brooch bouquet. A brooch bouquet is what the bride can hold in place of flowers, and it’s a bouquet made up of various glimmering brooches. This is a great option if you don’t want to spend the money on flowers (some arrangements can really add up). Many women take this type of arrangement on as a DIY project. However, there are sites from which you can purchase these bouquets already made.

Brooches make their application so simple because they’re already fixed onto a pin. If you have a set of these glittery pins itching to be used, consider putting them on the tops of your shoes as ornamentation. They’ll liven up your shoes, and it can be a sentimental symbol — almost as if your ancestors are assisting your walk to your new husband!

The number of places you can pin these on yourself grows every year. For another DIY project to inherit, you can fasten a comb or an alligator clip onto the brooch and slide it into your hair. It’s a wonderful, minimalist accessory that will make your hairdo that much more exquisite. Does your floral bouquet feel like it’s missing something? Consider adding this to your bouquet handle, especially if you’re having a vintage-themed wedding; this could look spectacular.

Now, if your dress is missing something, try making a sash using the heirloom brooch. You can easily find satin fabrics at a store or through a website. Even if you want to start with a cost-effective belt from, you can add the brooch on and save yourself some time!

Other accessories are perfect for pinning. For example, if you plan to carry a bridal clutch, try pinning it to the fabric of the purse. In addition, since nearly every bride wears the traditional garter, consider pinning it there! The groom will have an easier time finding it if you have a sparkly brooch fastened on.

If you’re having trouble finding an avenue through which to put the brooch on your gown or your flowers, there are other ways to include it. It, along with some additional brooches, could be the decoration on your cake — have your cake designer apply it; it could be a cost-cutting method. Does your maid of honor need something to make her stand apart from the rest of your bridesmaids? Try finding a place to pin it to her dress or her hair to make her pop. You can pin a brooch to all of your bridesmaids for a little extra glam, if you have many brooches in the family!

So, let’s say you have no brooches passed down in your family line, but you absolutely adore some of these handy and glamorous ideas. Lucky for you, has gorgeous discount brooches at the ready for you to buy! So stock up today and make your wedding glamorous!