The Most Bling for Your Buck: Save on Your Wedding Jewelry

Are you a bride-to-be who wants to wear dazzling bling on your wedding day but doesn’t want to spend through the roof to get it? Well, we are with you on that one and will highlight ways you can get the most “bling for your buck!” You do not need to be draped in thousands of dollars worth of crystals and jewels to feel like a princess as you walk down the aisle. There are several websites as well as other resources to help you begin your hunt for affordable wedding jewelry. We highlight a few here!


Bridal jewelry

Bridepower: sells gorgeous wedding gown samples at 50 to 80 percent off, so it only makes sense that it offers elegant, gorgeous jewelry at a discount too! From bracelets to necklaces to ring sets, this site is a must- see; also, the prices are regularly discounted from the already-discounted price. It seems too good to be true, so if you want to feel like royalty on your big day without spending the mullah, we recommend you check out for your accessories!You can purchase a beautiful, intricate piece, and no one ever has to know it was for a fraction of the retail cost!

Overstock Jewelry: At, there is a large selection of beautiful items to choose from. This website is not dedicated to just bridal jewelry but also other wedding adornments. From pins to broches to bracelets to earrings, if you want it, you got it! They even sell tiaras! We love that you are able to truly narrow your search to find a specific item. Though the prices are cheap, the jewelry looks anything but. So if you are a bride on a budget or simply want to spend your money in other areas rather than on jewelry, check out this site! and are two other sites that are great for affordable wedding jewelry. Trust us, you will feel relieved knowing you saved thousands of dollars without sacrificing your glamorous look!

Wedding Gown Design

Wedding necklace

In addition to searching the web, you can avoid spending the big bucks on jewelry by purchasing a gown with more embellishments! If your gown has lace and beading, then your earrings can be simple studs; perhaps you do not need earrings or jewelry at all, because you want all eyes on your dress! Keep in mind that the more bedazzled your gown is, the less bling you truly need to complete the look. Of course, personal style is up to the bride! Vice versa, if you have a more simple gown, you may want to have a fierce piece of jewelry to counteract that simplicity. Again, it is up to you!

Make Your Own!

If you are feeling creative and have a skill set or passion for jewelry making, you can make your own! Beads, pearls, and any other material necessary can be found at a craft store or online. Perhaps you could make it a project your bridal party works on together. It could be a fun bonding experience for everyone to work on the bride’s jewelry for her special day!

There are so many options for saving, as you can see, and we have outlined just a sampling of options! You just have to get creative and think outside the box. Good luck!