Forgotten Fashion – Bridal Accessories

Are you getting ready for your big day – the wedding day? If so, then you definitely know there are plenty of things to look for, starting with your wedding gown, of course. While most brides consider the wedding gown as the single most important aspect of her ceremonial appearance, you should know that bridal accessories are also very important, so choose them wisely and carefully.

When it comes to wedding accessories, every bride thinks about jewelry, especially earrings and necklaces. However, you need to know there are so many other wedding accessories that can also make you look even more special and glittering on your wedding day!

Bridepower wedding brooch


Brooches are an amazing accessory that a bride can choose to wear. Unfortunately, even though they are so beautiful and suitable for any bride, they are one of the often overlooked accessories. Brooches can add more style to your appearance, and they will also bring their shine on you. You can choose from a variety of brooches: some of them designed in a vintage style, some silver, others gold-colored. You can find great deals on brooches at Bridepower.

Bridepower wedding hat


Usually, brides opt for veils on their wedding day and overlook the hats, which are very nice and elegant accessories. A bridal hat is ready to offer you an elegant and stylish look that is a perfect complement to your wedding gown. Choose your preferred hat from Bridepower and you have the chance to also benefit from greatly discounted prices.


Many brides think the only important ring they should wear on their wedding day is the wedding ring! Well, that is just not the case! As you can see at Bridepower, there are so many fabulous rings you can wear on your special day! Whether you opt for a floral, braided, abstract, or rectangular ring, you will add an extra shine and fashionable look to your overall appearance on your wedding day. You can opt for a silver, pearl, or gold ring, depending on your preferences.

Bridepower wedding shawl


Are you having your wedding in autumn, winter, or the beginning of spring? In any of these cases, you should definitely look for a nice shawl to add to your wedding gown. Take your pick considering the period of the year you will have your wedding so you ensure it will give you the aspect or warmth you need. For example, if you expect the weather on your wedding day to be warmer, you could opt for a beautiful wrap. If, on the contrary, you expect the weather to be colder, especially if you are having your wedding in winter, you could opt for a full or mid-length hooded bridal cloak. Regardless of what you wish to choose, you can find fabulous shawls on Bridepower.

Other Accessories

Besides all these accessories, plus the ones you have already thought about, such as veils, earrings, necklaces, or sets, there are still many other beautiful accessories that are overlooked by numerous brides. Hair adornments are another important and often amazing accessory for a bride, as they can add a bit of glitter or a stylish look to your overall appearance. So if you wish to find a subtle way to look even more stunningly beautiful on your wedding day, you can always choose some interesting, glamorous, and special accessories at Bridepower.