What Shoes to Choose?

When preparing for your big day, there are a million things on your mind and a to-do list for your feet! While your shoe choice may not seem imperative compared to every other detail you have to consider, it is nonetheless an important feature of your overall wedding look. Whether you go for glamor, comfort, or a mixture of the two, your shoes can make or break you! Below are some questions you should keep in mind when on the shoe hunt!

What Color?

Do you want the color of your shoes to match your dress? Do you want to add a pop of color to spice up your look? Depending on your personal style, you may go for bright pink pumps and make a statement or go for the more subtle look with beige or white heels.

Matching the shoe to the gown

If you do want to match your shoe to your gown, be sure to show a sample of the exact gown color at the store, and they will help you find the perfect pairing. The last thing you need is a mismatched disaster! Also, having a sample will help you determine whether or not the fabric of your gown and shoes work together.

Matching wedding shoes with wedding dress

Pop of color

Keep in mind that if you do a pop of color on your feet, it should complement your wedding colors — you do not want clashing hues! We always love when brides pull a color from their bouquet or room décor and tie it in with their shoe choice! It makes for a polished and clean look. Guests will take notice!

What Style?

Funky? Classic? Chic? What shoe will you choose? Some love when a bride’s dress is simple and elegant and her shoe is bedazzled and glam! On the contrary, when a bride’s dress is anything but simple, a more basic shoe may be the way to go. However, it is ultimately up to you to decide your dress and gown combo — that is half the fun. Experiment a little; you may have to try on several shoes before you find the perfect ones for you. Many bridal boutiques sell wedding shoes, as well as online stores. (Warning: When purchasing online, make sure you are aware of the return policy. There is a possibility that the size may not work perfectly or the color looks different in person.)

Fashion Is Pain?

Fashion is pain. However, is pain worth it on your wedding day? It is up to you to make that decision. You have to stand throughout the ceremony and reception, and you do not want to have blisters or sore ankles for all the dancing you have ahead of you! There is definitely a way to be fashionable and practical; you just have to find the right pair! Of course, some brides may be more used to walking in 6-inch heels than others. Before committing to a pair of shoes, make sure you can comfortably move in them and feel confident as well. Sometimes the most fabulous-looking shoes can leave us sore for days!

Tip: Wear your heels or flats before the big day so you are used to walking in them! The last thing you need is a stiff pair of shoes that you will be shaky in all night. Like all other shoes, wedding shoes will be most comfortable when broken in!

Walking in Wedding Shoes

Flats Versus Heels

Wedding Flats

Do not be afraid of flats! They are more often than not a very comfortable option and can be just as elegant and classic as heels. If your groom is on the shorter side and you do not want to tower over him, then flats are a great alternative. Also, if you are having your ceremony on the beach or in a garden (basically anywhere outside), flats probably make the most sense. However, it is all up to you to decide!

So, in your wave of wedding madness, make sure to think about your shoes, even if that means adding another thing to your to-do list. Trust us, you’ll be thankful when your guests are ooohing and ahhing over the glimpse they got of your fabulous feet.