Up-and-Coming Designers: The Next Wave of Bridal Wonders

If you have begun your wedding gown hunt, I am sure you have heard of designers Lazaro, and Monique Lhuillier time and time again. When you search bridal gowns online, their names are some of the first to appear. When you hear what celebrities are wearing for their big day or on the red carpet, these same names are repeated constantly. By now you are probably familiar with their collections and stylistic preferences. Perhaps one of their pieces is your absolute dream gown! This is not a bad thing, but let us spice things up a little! Bring in the new designers! Have you heard about Inbal Dror or Galia Lahav? How about Haley Gutman? Though these names may not ring a bell quite yet, they are some of the hottest up-and-coming designers in the bridal market right now. Read about these new designers in more detail below. Trust me, you’ll want to know them!

About Galia Lahav

Lahav was born in Russia and has 30 years of experience with couture dresses. She was an art teacher and realized she wanted to turn that passion into fashion art. She became well-known in Israel by handcrafting gowns individually for her brides. Lahav’s first store was in Tel Aviv, and she eventually expanded all over the world, including locations in the United States, Australia, Italy, Germany, Russia, and many others. Some of her collections include La Dolce Vita, The Empress, The St. Tropez Cruise, and Homage to the Sizzling 1920s.

La Dolce Vita Collection

Tullia, from the La Dolce Vita Collection

La Dolce Vita

This collection is romantic and involves many textures, from beading to lace. The line was inspired by skies and a love story between two people.

The Empress

This line is modern and form-fitting with a presence of lace. Lahav intends for these gowns to exude a mixture of fiction and fantasy.

The St. Tropez Cruise

This collection looks like how it sounds. It is clean and chic, with an island flair.

Homage to the Sizzling 1920s

This line embodies a youthful but classy and elegant look. The silhouettes are body-hugging, and there is a large presence of corsets.

Her gowns are magnificent and delicate, all while embodying glamor and class.

About Inbal Dror

Dror 2014 Collection

BR-14-16, Inbal Dror 2014 Collection

Dror is an Israeli designer who studied in Israel before working in Italy. After learning the tricks of the trade, she then moved back to Israel and opened her own bridal salon. She handcrafts gowns catering to each of her bride’s requests.

Dror recently presented her 2014 collection, which is based off of Los Angeles, “the city of Angels.” Her 2014 line has a romantic and traditional feel. She wanted to reflect the changes that Los Angeles has gone through in the past century, from a romantic place to a busier, fast-moving, and advancing city. Her 2013 collection embraced a vintage theme where lace was ever present along with pearls and stones. She focuses on glamor and femininity through her gowns, which are elegant, beautiful, and unique. Keep on the lookout!

Haley Paige Gutman

Gutman studied at Cornell University and is 26 years old. She majored in fashion design and minored in medicine. She is a designer for JLM Couture. Before she landed her position at JLM, Gutman worked at Priscilla of Boston designing gowns and bridesmaid dresses. She also interned at Elle Magazine. She has created two lines for the JLM brand, called the Haley Paige collection and the Blush Collection, and is in the process of taking over the Jim Hjelm line. If you are a bride who wants a mixture of traditional and funk, you should definitely check out her collection! Gutman is certainly hitting her stride.