Songs to Stand Up For

Finding the right song for your wedding processional can be difficult. It sets the tone for your wedding ceremony, and you want it to be perfect for your walk down the aisle. Though traditionally brides had an organ play the commonly known tune “Here Comes the Bride,” the music selection for today’s brides has greatly expanded to a variety of genres! Some brides opt for instrumental pieces while others want vocal pieces. Let us take a look at some options, and perhaps this will make your choice a little bit easier!

“Make You Feel My Love”

Billy Joel and Bob Dylan

The meaning behind this song is very romantic and passionate. It is about making promises and being supportive of one another. This one is sure to make your guests cry tears of joy! It has vocals, so if you are looking for an instrumental piece, this would not be the one to go with!

“Somewhere Only We Know”


This is such a beautiful song that is a less traditional choice but still powerful. It has a wonderful message and works great for a processional.

“Bridal Chorus”

This is essentially a modern version of “Here Comes the Bride”. It is less eerie and played on a piano rather than an organ, making it a great choice if you want a classical feel with a modern twist for your walk down the aisle!

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole

We personally love this song. It is a very calming piece sung by Israel and played on his ukelele. It is not overpowering at all and is an outstanding option for a bride who wants a feel-good, slow-paced song with vocals.

“Wedding Song”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The “Wedding Song” is an acoustic piece with vocals. It is quite fitting for the altar and is a slow-paced song that discusses a love story. “You are the breath that I breathe” is a line sung throughout, which is a truly powerful one, especially when walking down the aisle to marry your soul mate.

“All of Me”

John Legend

“All of Me” is a hit song on the billboard charts this year and has been one of the most commonly played songs at weddings since it was released. The message behind this song is so perfect; it would make any guest tear up!



If you are looking for a more traditional, classical song, this is the way to go. There are no vocals in this string piece that is romantic and sets an elegant tone for the processional.

These are all great options for your processional, and perhaps they inspired some other song ideas as well! Music choice can be hard for your big day; we totally get that. But first, figure out if you want vocals or instrumentals and then from there, do some research! What do you want the meaning to be? What mood do you want to put your guests in? Do you want an upbeat song or a slower tempo? Start by answering a few of these questions, because they will narrow down your search. After all, there are thousands of possibilities!