What Makes a Designer Gown So Much Better?

When it comes to your wedding day, every single detail needs to be absolutely perfect, so why would you choose anything other than a designer bridal gown? While there are a number of innovative ways to cut down on your wedding costs, choosing a cheap wedding dress is not the best idea. Remember, you will be the center of attention and feature in countless photographs. In terms of choosing a wedding dress, you must leave absolutely nothing to chance.

While designer gowns don’t come cheap, you may find the purchase of such a dress to be one of the best things you’ve ever bought. Below, we look at some reasons why a designer wedding gown is always better than its off-the-rack equivalent.


Measuring the bride

The clear difference between couture dresses and mass-produced gowns is that the latter are designed to fit to a generic standard whereas the former are tailor-made to fit the exact measurements of the bride. The fact is that no two women are likely to be the same; while you and a friend may both wear a size 12, for example, you may be larger on top while she is bigger on the bottom. With a designer dress, you can be sure it fits you like a glove; just don’t gain or lose a dramatic amount of weight between your final fitting and the big day!



Couture is also set apart from the crowd due to the premium quality of the fabric used. If you see a bargain off-the-rack wedding dress, it’s likely the gown is made from fairly low-quality, inexpensive fabrics. Over time, such fabrics lose shape, deteriorate, and generally don’t fit well. In contrast, a designer will use only the finest fabrics at his or her disposal when creating your custom-made bridal gown. Depending on the designer you use, the fabrics may actually come all the way from Milan or Rome!


Drawing a wedding dress

This could well be one of the most profound differences between designer and off-the-rack dresses and offers one of the most compelling reasons to choose the latter. Walk into any High Street store, and while you may see some lovely designs, the choice is rather limited and far from being unique. With a designer wedding gown, you are in charge and can conjure up any creative or elegant idea you wish. A designer can take your vision, add his own, and the result will be something unforgettable.



This may be the hardest thing to spot because you may only really understand the effort a designer puts into a wedding gown after the big day, as you’re so stressed otherwise! Off-the-rack dresses are mass-produced, so there is little or no attention to detail. As you know, the real sign of quality is these tiny additions or intricacies that transform a great bridal gown into something magical.

If you can afford it, we thoroughly recommend paying for a designer wedding dress. It is arguably the biggest day of your life, so splurge for a bridal gown that reflects your personality in a way that’s only possible with the gifted hand of a designer.