Vera Wang’s Hottest Bridal Gowns of 2014

Vera Wang embraces the unconventional, so if you are expecting standard bridal gowns from one of the queens of fashion design, you will be disappointed! She is known for producing the unexpected, as previous bridal gown shows featured black wedding dresses, leather gloves, and pink-hued gowns. In other words, tradition be damned when Vera Wang begins to design her range of wedding dresses. In 2013, Wang’s bridal show involved wedding dresses entirely in red, with no white to be seen anywhere.

“A Whole New Statement”

This is how Wang describes her Spring 2014 Bridal Collection, and in typical fashion, she produced typically untypical wedding dresses. This collection has nothing but black and white dresses, and they are modern, striking, and more than a little bit bold. According to Wang, these dresses contain a “little Audrey Hepburn” and are about “architecture and discipline.”

Instead of getting soft romantic looks, this particular collection takes the concept of bridal to a completely different level. Her spring collection contains dresses with a monochrome twist, and the famous black leather gloves make a reappearance along with understated strapless designs. Wang also includes delicate contemporary lace patterns and careful yet splendid usage of modern chic, such as v-shaped bodices. This deep V neckline dress is about as far away from the “blushing bride” as you are likely to find. Instead, it is a bridal outfit for a daring, independent woman with an extremely strong sense of self.

Vera Wang Fall Collection 2014


In a complete departure from the dramatic and independent look of the previous spring, Wang took her fall 2014 collection in a completely different direction once again. Gone are the black leather gloves and in come a more feminine, all-pink collection. This voluminous pink dress is one of our favorites because it looks as if it could be worn to almost any social occasion. Indeed, it is the kind of dress a bridesmaid could conceivably wear, but it still makes any bride look like she is positively glowing.

It appears like Wang wants pink to be seen as seductive, sophisticated, dreamy, cool, and strong all at the same time. There’s no doubt the magical machinations of her mind created yet another amazing collection. Few, if any, of the bridal gowns in this collection come close to “traditional” and seem to range from sleek and seductive to something a princess might wear.

The Future

Vera Wang has already introduced her spring collection for 2015 and surprise, surprise: she has come up with something entirely different yet again! One wonders where the queen bee of fashion designers gets her ideas, but her latest bridal gown edition is completely different than the softness of the fall 2014 collection. Fans of minimalism will love the slinky silk dress designs on show while there are also sleeved dresses adorned with floral patterns for those looking for simplicity and elegance. If you want to cause a stir at your wedding, try this sexy and revealing white wedding dress, but make sure you’re in peak condition!

If you want a bridal gown look no one else has, set your sights on a Vera Wang masterpiece in 2014.