Popular Wedding Gown Silhouettes to Choose From

It goes without saying that you need to be at your absolute best on your wedding day, so choosing the perfect bridal gown is a must. This means understanding your body type, and in this article, we look at the various wedding dress silhouettes and explain the body shape each one works best with.

Ball Gown

Traditional Ball Gown

This could also be called the “princess” dress and is a ball gown bodice attached to the waist with the fullest skirt of any silhouette. These dresses are typically formal evening wedding attire and are great for women with a pear shape. Those with small and petite frames should steer clear, as it can be too much for your small frame.


Trumpet Wedding Gown

This silhouette is arguably the most popular at the moment and involves a skirt that fits over the hips to the middle of your thighs; these dresses are ideal for black tie events. Because the trumpet silhouette highlights the stomach and hips, apple- and pear-shaped women should steer clear.


A Line Wedding Gown

This is the most traditional style and looks stately and gorgeous as you walk down the aisle. It is normal for A-line wedding gowns to be made from satin or organza. This is considered the classic bridal dress style because it is suitable for all body types.

Modified A-Line

Fit-N-Flare Wedding Gown

Also known as the “fit and flare” style, the modified A-line is a silhouette exclusive to bridal gowns and is suitable for almost any occasion. Again, it goes well with every body type, though you should note that the skirt is a tighter fit to your body than the normal A-line.



Mermaid Wedding Gown

With a mermaid dress, you are bringing back vintage glamor that looks marvelous at a formal event, though it is a silhouette suitable for most occasions. While it is not the best style for plus-size or apple body types, it is ideal for slim women and those with an hourglass figure, as the mermaid dress really accentuates your curves.


Sheath Wedding Gown

The sheath style of gown is effectively a narrow column that falls straight to the floor and is perfect for weddings in space-restricted areas such as small chapels or boats. Older brides enjoy the sheath style, as it provides a simple elegance, and hourglass, banana, and petite body types all look good in this style. It is not the best choice for pear-shaped women, however, because it can add extra inches to the body.

Tea Length

Garden Party Wedding

Also known as the “garden party” shape, the tea length style is relatively informal and suitable for daytime weddings. You will find this dress style in satin or lace fabric, and it is a classy silhouette that suits all body types.

The Mini

Cocktail Wedding Gown

Also known as the cocktail style, the mini is a modern dress type and stops just above the knee. As it can be slightly revealing, it is not a good choice for plus-sized body types.

As you can see, there are several silhouettes that suit all body types, but if you find another style to suit you, go for it and never look back!