Make Your Wedding Photos Unique

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

lacing up dress

A woman’s wedding day is typically the most important day in her life, and therefore it should be the most memorable. Since wedding photos are still the most popular form of commemorating and documenting this celebratory occasion, adding some creative, unique approaches to these photographs will only enhance the momentous experience.
One idea for a pair of his and her wedding photos is to have the photographer shoot a picture of the bride’s veil and any train she might have from the back, using black and white film. For the groom, a close-up shot of his tie in color against a totally black and white background will make the color pop. This pair of photos allows the couple to commemorate their special day while capturing the meaning of their choice in accessories.snow wedding

There are also a number of ideas based on the season of a wedding that make for interesting photo options for the bride and groom. If the wedding is in winter, perhaps a photograph of the happy couple dressed in mostly black against a snowy background, maybe at the site of their proposal, would make for an interesting, not to mention memorable, photograph to look back on down the road. Another romantic idea for winter features the happy couple trying to catch snowflakes.

Spring weddingFor a spring wedding, a photograph set in an area featuring a large array of blossoming flowers or even something a little bit crazy like the butterfly exhibit at a local zoo, with butterflies fluttering over and around the happy couple as they are photographed somewhat candidly or seriously, will help mark the occasion. Another photo idea features the groom kneeling in front of his bride, offering her the wedding bouquet, with the photo focusing mostly on the bouquet itself.

beach weddingIf the wedding is scheduled for summer, maybe a beach photo or a summer sport the couple enjoys, like baseball, is the way to go. A visit to a playground, especially if it is a significant spot for the couple, can provide the perfect backdrop, with the bride and groom taking turns pushing each other on the swings or playing on other equipment. Like the spring ideas, these photos can also be done both candidly and seriously. These type of photos are fun for the couple to look back on and smile at while remembering the most important day of their lives.

Fall leaves and champagneAutumn weddings, especially late autumn weddings when the leaves have fallen, can be enhanced with photos taken in a park or wooded area against trees without leaves. Another choice might be to incorporate the brilliant colors of autumn — the oranges and reds — by perhaps posing the bride and groom laying in a pile of leaves together.

Other Romantic Ideas

If the couple will be dancing the traditional first dance, a beautiful photograph can be captured with most of the room dark and the slightest bit of light shining on the couple as they dance on the floor alone. An alternative to this photo might be to photograph the couple and have only them in color against a black and white dance floor and room.

fairy tale weddingFor fairy tale fan couples, a great idea is posing in a Romeo and Juliet scene, perhaps from an elaborate staircase in the wedding location or even a staircase significant to the couple, or of the bride or groom individually. Another storybook inspiration idea comes from Cinderella, posing the groom close up from behind, holding one of the bride’s shoes as he chases after her — a bit blurred in the distance in her wedding gown. Another idea is a photograph of the bride and groom’s shoes, with or without their feet inside.