Unique Ways to Share Your Love Story

Sharing Your Love Story on Your Wedding Day

Tell All in Your Wedding Programs

story writingIf your love story is an interesting or unique one, sit down with your spouse-to-be and write it out for the world to read. Publish the tale in your wedding program for your guests to read as they anxiously await your nuptials. This is especially fun for guests who do not already know how you met or the journey that led up to your wedding day.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

photo collage for weddingIf a picture is truly worth a thousand words, a beautifully arranged photo collage chronicling your love story will write the book for you and your future spouse. For some couples who have known each other since elementary school, the collage may include some of those first special memories, perhaps on the playground or kindergarten graduation. Other couples met at their place of employment, some even serving together in the military. Sharing these pictures of the two of you working or serving together can enhance the specialness of the occasion.

Arrange the photos near the guestbook or maybe on the walls of the reception hall. You can also take this idea a step further by creating a video showing off your photo journey, set to a song which is somehow meaningful.

Inspiring Invitations

If there is something significant in your love journey, design or choose a style of wedding invitations to commemorate this aspect of your journey. For example, one couple met in kindergarten and went through their entire school career together. While they were each other’s first kiss as youngsters, they did not become a couple until their senior year of high school. When the groom-to-be proposed, he did it at the swings on the playground of their old elementary school. In their invitations, they included a picture of them as children playing together and a photo of the two of them as adults on the swings in the same place.
This idea can work in a multitude of ways, even without photographs. If you met someplace special, maybe a map of the place you met at can be the background image for the invitations. You can also add a level of creativity by adding pins on the map of special places where you spent time together as your romance grew.

Decorate With Your Story

Some couples have trouble deciding how to decorate for their reception. What better way to decorate than with pieces that tell the story of your journey of love? For the couple mentioned previously who met in elementary school, for example, aspects reminiscent of a playground make for romantic decoration choices. One couple who met working at an old-fashioned-style diner decided to decorate using items reminiscent of the 1950s, complete with a 1957 Chevy outside the reception hall — the perfect place for the wedding party to pose for photographs.

nautical decorWhen you tie the knot, convey to the world the special journey that led you both down the aisle. There is no better way to celebrate your life and love together than by telling your love story in whatever way you choose to tell it.