Making Your Wedding Dress Go Viral

How to Create a Social Media Frenzy for Your Chosen Wedding Dress

The next best thing to showing off your engagement ring as a new bride-to-be is showing off your chosen gown for the upcoming occasion. Here are some tips guaranteed to make your wedding gown go viral among your friends and family:

 Showing off your wedding dressInstagram

Chrissy Teigen posted an Instagram photo featuring her posing in her elegant Vera Wang gown after marrying John Legend in Lake Como, Italy. The post quickly went viral, with everyone wanting to see the dress and how the blushing bride looked wearing it.

If you want to feel like a celebrity, post an Instagram shot of you trying on your chosen gown, much like Teigen after her wedding. If you are superstitious and don’t want to take the chance of the groom sneaking a peek of your viral photo, consider a photo featuring only the gown or with the gown simply draped over you in some way.


Announcing both your dress and your engagement at the same time can create quite the frenzy, particularly over the social media giant Facebook. It is likely most of the people you want to see your aspiring viral post are Facebook users over other social media sites. This will make it easy to share your message with the world — at least your little corner of it.

Post a photo of you in your chosen dress, perhaps with the date of your engagement across the photo, and tag all the people you want to be certain to see it. Within moments, you will begin receiving messages that friends “liked” your post, and before you know it, you will be a top story on the newsfeeds of your friends and family members.


If you have a large Twitter following, simply post a photo of yourself in your wedding gown or beside or holding your chosen gown, or even just a link to a photo, with a simple tweet such as, “Ready to tie the knot.” Before you know it, all of your friends and family who “follow” you will be retweeting your message all over dress lace up back


If you have a circle of family and friends, even acquaintances, on Google+, consider sharing something similar to your “Ready to tie the knot” tweet on Twitter. While many are still not familiar with utilizing this particular social media platform, it is estimated to service 120 million users, so there is bound to be someone you know with whom you can share your exciting news.

Put It All Together

The best strategy is to make each message identical or nearly identical so you present a uniform splash when you begin posting your gown. You want everyone you know to see the gorgeous gown you’ve chosen, but you don’t want them confused, thinking you are still trying to decide. Therefore, when you post a photo, use the same one on each site. Release all of your posts and tweets through an app like Post-Planner or something similar so everything hits the airwaves at approximately the same moment. If people are connected to you on more than one social media site, this will only motivate them to share your info on a multiple-fold basis.

bride in wedding gownWhile you may not be a real celebrity, for the period of your engagement and on your wedding day, it is OK to be the center of your friends’ attention. Feel special and glamorous for a day, or even a few days, while all of your friends and family share in your joy, congratulating you on your engagement and commenting on your wedding dress fashion sense.