Desserts Spelled Backwards Describes Wedding Planning

It’s no secret that wedding planning can be stressful! How can you beat the heat?

Bride Stressed Out On Wedding Day
It’s perfectly natural to be stressed out more and more as your wedding day approaches; however, you shouldn’t be!

You know what they say, stressed is just desserts spelled backwards. Short of scheduling multiple days of cake tastings though, how can you deal with wedding day and wedding planning stress? Tackle it like any other major project! Take a lot of time for yourself, appreciate the progress that you have made and have a sense of humor! We will look at some common wedding planning and wedding day scenarios and try to teach you that it’s easy as pie to start laughing instead of crying.

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It’s your wedding day and not only is it raining all over your expensive and imported flower arrangements but your feet seem to have grown two sizes and you cannot fit into the perfect shoes you ordered and had your gown fitting in. Wedding day disasters are around every corner and while they always seem like the literal end of the world think back to every other time you thought that. How about that time in junior high when you gave a speech to the entire student body and your underwear was sticking out of your pants? It literally felt like the end of the world then too and you might have begged your parents to let you skip school the next day but they always forced you to go and miraculously, the world turned on. When you feel yourself getting into a situation that only slightly falls short of a world war level crisis, remember to take a step back. Maybe have a funny memory on hand. A good memory to pick would be something that used to seem so incredibly embarrassing or important to you and think about how you feel now. Prom was also one of those nights touted as being once in a lifetime and maybe you never found that perfect dress or your hairdo wasn’t as cool as it had looked in the magazine. It doesn’t matter to you at all today and so will it be on your wedding day. Plans are made to fall apart, so when it feels like you just can’t go on without that one thing remember that in a few years you probably won’t even remember that one thing. You don’t need flowers and you could walk down the aisle barefoot, if it doesn’t turn into a funny story then it will be completely forgotten altogether. What you won’t forget is the commitment that you are making on that day and that’s what you should put your energy towards.