Someone to Talk to About Your Upcoming Wedding

Everyday you talk to so many people but who should you talk to about your wedding?

Bride with Her Mother
When you have questions or concerns about your upcoming wedding, you should always be able to turn to either your mom or fiance for sound advice.

When you’re surfing Pinterest on your lunch break at work and your friendly and understanding boss walks by is it okay to get her opinion on centerpieces? What about the person behind you in line at the fabric store who has done the same DIY for her wedding? Or even just a stranger who is waiting in line at the bank with you. You’ve got wedding fever but who should you infect and is it okay to talk about everything with everyone? We’ve got a helpful guide to help you break it down.

Your fiance. He’s your go-to guy. That’s why you’re marrying him after all! The two of you are in constant communication. He texts you a picture of him eating the lunch you made him and you call him on your way to the gym after work. You are talking all the time but could you be talking about the wedding too much? A good rule to follow to keep from turning into a bridezilla is to forget that this is not just your day but his and your family and friend’s day as well. You definitely want him to be as involved as he wants to be, so don’t assume that he doesn’t want to be at all but also respect his boundaries. If he’s not a details guy but he likes to help you make the big decisions then he’s not the person you should be forwarding articles to all day about centerpiece design. You’ll get frustrated in his lack of interest and he could become weary of being more involved in the planning process. Talk about what your limits are and encourage him to be open with you when he doesn’t feel like talking.

Your mother. When he doesn’t feel like talking, there are other people you have to have on speed dial! Hopefully your mother is someone you talk to often enough anyways and hopefully she is just as excited and wants just as much to help you with your big day as you want her to. Mom has been helping you pick out clothes, steering you away from bad haircuts and guiding you with decisions for as long as you can remember so she might be a better choice for hours looking at wedding magazines. She can see the difference between ecru and ivory and she appreciates that fondant never looks as good as it tastes.