There’s Nothing Neutral about Neutrals for Your Wedding Colors!

Neutrals are hard colors to remember but when used correctly they can be hard to forget!

Neutral Wedding Decor
A neutral color theme to your wedding is a safe way to make sure decor and outfits match accordingly.

There’s something about the word neutral that makes you want to just glaze over it. You know that if something is neutral, then it must be uninteresting. Without a strong opinion either way it seems like something neutral has nothing to say at all but when it comes to neutral colors, that is so far from the case! It’s kind of like the idea of negative space–that it’s not just about the lines and the drawings but the space inside and around the image which helps to frame it. Neutrals help you say what you want to say by acting as a frame or accent. It takes some clever tricks to use neutrals effectively and correctly but when you do, they can make for an incredibly classy and elegant wedding.

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Definitions of neutral colors can vary but think about colors you might use to paint the wall of a quiet and reflective room. Shades of white that veer towards yellow like ivory, ecru and eggshell or nude colors such as beige or taupe. These colors actually had a really big moment last spring when neons were also very trendy because they were the perfect balance and complement to the highlighter yellows and iridescent pinks that were a staple of every runway. While the neon trend might have quieted down a little bit, the spotlight is definitely still on neutrals! In fashion neutrals have been great for accessories and accent pieces. Nude nails will always be loved by fashion editors while the color of choice for purchasing sky-high Louboutins is still a very sage neutral.

Neutrals are a natural fit for weddings because they are very close to white on the color spectrum. Don’t be fooled into thinking this will make for a boring wedding. On the contrary, neutrals such as sand or earth tones will give a very complacent and homey feel to the ceremony and decor. One of the great things about neutrals is that you can’t really go wrong or overboard with them. You can use as many neutrals as you want without worrying about them clashing or being overwhelming. The more neutrals you use, the more the white of your wedding will stand out. If you choose to use less neutrals you actually have to be more careful to use them effectively because they can be very powerful.