Color Match, What are Your Bridesmaids Wearing?

Bridesmaids all wearing the same color is a good way to showcase your wedding colors, but how can you get creative and keep your wedding party happy?

Bridesmaids Wearing Similar Dresses
When it comes to choosing your bridesmaid dresses, you can make them all the same, go with the same style with different colors, or go different styles and shades of a color.

You’ve painstakingly matched paint swatches, dyed handkerchiefs and purchased one of a kind flowers in order to have every part of your wedding match the color scheme you decided on. Deciding on a color scheme can be a very difficult part of the wedding planning process as you are never sure if everything you want can come in the color that you have picked. It is also a delicate balance because you don’t want other colors to overshadow the idea of white wedding, (if that’s something you’re interested in) or maybe you just don’t like the idea of any color taking center stage. It’s definitely a balancing act and one that you might feel like you are always on the verge of losing. Planning your bridesmaids dresses is a crucial part of this color process but how do you get your girls to play along?

In a perfect world everything would be simple and there would only be one shade of pink. Unfortunately, we do not live in that world and there exists everything from salmon to raspberry which all fall somewhere in this very fluid definition of “pink”. We sometimes wish, like you might, that you could just tell your bridesmaids to wear pink and they would all show up wearing the same color but you don’t know what you’re going to get so is it up to you to make yet another painful decision and to dictate how someone else is going to look? Luckily, the trend of super matchy bridesmaids dresses is totally going out the window. While we recommend that you still adhere to some element of cohesion, you have a lot more room to play around! For instance, you could choose to embrace the fact that there are over one thousand shades of pink. If you chose the style and the shape of the dress but order it in several different variations of pink you can still have a cohesive bridesmaids party that looks great in pictures but will let your girls choose which shade of pink they prefer. Fair-haired women may want a darker shade or maybe one of your best friends has recently dyed her hair a funky shade of violet and doesn’t want it to clash with her bridesmaid’s dress? Now you can let her decide!