Who Needs a Wedding Planner when You Have Bridesmaids?

Bride & Bridesmaids Wearing Different Color White Gowns
Make your wedding planning life easier by delegating tasks to your bridesmaids, such as picking out their gowns, getting help with hair & makeup, or taking pictures of guests in attendance.

Bridesmaids standing behind a happy bride is a very precious wedding photo, but in the new age of mix and match how can you hold on to this traditional idea?

If you have ever been a bridesmaids then you are likely to consider their plight when planning your wedding. Bridesmaids seem to have the short end of the wedding stick. Instead of just attending in their prettiest frock and wishing the happy couple well they need to be super involved in wedding planning activities, be available during the day of the wedding to field any imminent crises and to top it all off they need to be told what to wear by someone else. Of course, as a good friend you are hopefully very nice to your bridesmaids and awfully appreciative. A good way to show how much you care is to let your bridesmaids choose their dresses. Of course this can get super complicated super fast but if you lay down some guidelines, have a plan and communicate clearly you can still have a very clear wedding party filled with beaming bridesmaids.

A good way to keep things clear is to have your bridesmaids choose dresses in different styles but in the same color. Whatever color you have chosen for your wedding will let bridesmaids feel like they are definitely a part of the wedding party without having to look or feel uncomfortable on your wedding day. It’s hard to find a universally flattering cut and style and unless your bridesmaids are all genetically cloned from each other they are bound to not only have different tastes and styles but also different body types. There are parts of their body they want to define and parts they want to hide, so by letting them choose the style of their dress you can ensure that they will feel comfortable. Of course, you need to set some guidelines. You don’t want one bridesmaid in a cheeky, body conforming sequin ensemble while another bridesmaid is wearing a jersey maxi dress and yet another a very cute tea-length dress with ribbons and bows. Have a talk with your bridesmaids about your idea for the dresses. Explain what you imagine the style of the wedding is like and ask them what they envision to be a good dress to fit that style. Also, you can turn this into a fun activity. While it is time intensive you could go shopping with your wedding party. Many bridal salons that carry bridesmaids dresses not only allow you and your bridesmaids to run rampant and try on as many styles as you like but highly encourage it. Licensed salons will also have the ability to order that dress in any color you like making it a total one stop shopping experience.