Mix & Match Your Bridesmaid’s Dresses

The days of matchy-matchy bridesmaids dresses are over, everyone wants to mix and match!

Bridesmaids Wearing Different Style Pink Dresses
A fun way to set your wedding party apart from wearing traditional attire is to have bridesmaids wear mismatched colors or styles.

Mixing and matching bridesmaids dresses is definitely in! Less and less do we have brides who want to order the exact same dress in different sizes, instead brides are shopping for multiple gowns in different styles, cuts and colors. It’s an exciting trend and is probably well received by bridesmaids who won’t have to suffer through awkward wedding photos or having to stash a dress they will never wear again. It’s a great idea for sure but it means a lot of work for the bride, who has to choose all of the dresses individually now instead of making a blanket decision. Is all the extra work worth it? Also many brides are worried that if the bridesmaids dresses are too different then they will lose that cohesive effect of a wedding party and it won’t feel like a wedding or a group of bridesmaids at all. Mixing and matching can be tricky, but there are certain tried and true ways of doing it that will certainly keep you on trend, in your price point and won’t ruin your wedding photos.

One of the best ways to ensure that your bridesmaids still look like your bridesmaids and not just a random group of girls watching your wedding from the wings is to settle on one common element. Dresses come in all colors and shapes and styles so decide that the dresses will either have the color, the shape or the style in common and then unlimit your creativity. Keeping all of your bridesmaids dresses the same color is a very well-received and traditional notion. You worked hard to choose your color palette and you want your bridesmaids to not only respect it but reflect it. The color you choose is probably a lovely color anyways and it will show up so well in your wedding photos if your bridesmaids wear it loud and proud. If the color is the same throughout then your bridesmaids can have a lot of fun with the shape and style of the dress. To make it easy perhaps select a few different silhouettes of dresses in that color and let each girl pick the shape she thinks is most flattering for her. Keep it varied by choosing A-Lines which flatter athletic builds and tall girls or fit and flare styles which can highlight the bust and waist to create an hourglass silhouette.