Spotlight Deals on Anne Barge Gowns

In this feature we tell you about some of our most affordable wedding gowns.

Model Wearing Anne Barge Wedding Gown at New York Fashion Show
Model Wearing Anne Barge Wedding Gown on the runway at a popular New York Fashion Show.

Affordable wedding gowns aren’t just about getting the least expensive gowns. While we do offer some gorgeous gowns for $599 or below sometimes it about getting the most value for your dollar. Even if you end up spending in the range of $1,000 – $2,000 it’s important to consider how much the dress was originally sold for and how much of a discount we are able to offer to you. Because our dresses are samples or overstock they are usually one of a kind and we try to price them as fairly as possible even though a lot of these dresses can seem priceless. That is certainly the case with this amazing Anne Barge dress that has just arrived in store.

Anne Barge is a designer well known in the wedding industry for her elegant yet whimsical designs. Her dresses often have classic shapes and structures but she has an eye for detail and is known to add romantic elements such as stripes or ruffles to dresses to bring them to that next level. Anne Barge dresses also tend to be in ivory or off-white colors to further that romantic feel. She uses modern and updated silhouettes as the background for her nostalgic designs creating the perfect balance between a fresh and delicate wedding gown design. This Anne Barge dress is no exception. A very standard A-Line the dress is fitted most at the bust and has a cinched waist but otherwise is uninhabited giving it a gorgeous flow. The sweetheart neckline is universally flattering due to the fact that it is also fairly modest. The sexiness of the lower neckline is really downplayed by the shape and the embellishments which veer towards soft and romantic. Even the cinched waist is at the natural waistline and only enhances the silhouette of the gown rather than trying to reshape or emphasize your body. With the bowlike embellishment the waist becomes an asset but it doesn’t draw too much attention away from you or from the rest of the gown. The true beauty of this dress is the hemline which is embellished with natural lace and beading. Sweeping down from the thigh area it is a very flattering cut that will look wonderful as you are walking down the aisle. Although this dress is priced at $1,600 it is an incredible deal for how couture and rare this design is. Originally sold at retails for approximately $8,600 we are able to offer you more than $7,000 off! Now that’s an absolute steal.