Celebrity Wedding Spotlight: Stephanie and Dave

Stephanie and Dave of popular relationship blog fame finally tied the knot and we were so happy to be invited via these gorgeous pictures.

Stephanie & Dave
Stephanie & Dave of My Almost Married Life Blog
Image credit: Melanie Greene / The Nest

If you’ve never heard of Stephanie and Dave, don’t worry about it. Both New York City dwellers, Stephanie is a television anchor and Dave is a stand-up comedian but that’s not why you would have heard of them. Together Stephanie and Dave are the authors of the truly funny, original and interesting blog: My Almost Married Life. The idea behind the blog is the open relationship Stephanie and Dave have where they can talk about anything, it seems like. They had been living together for three years, or as they call it, “living in sin”. Stephanie is not shy to talk about how long she has been waiting for a ring, because they both seem so sure of each other and they chronicle the various good times they have as well as be very open about the bad. My Almost Married Life has been featured on MSN and The Knot as well as many other online culture hubs. It also has a very wide following and readership both online and offline. What happens when the almost drops out of the name? Well, we’re all about to find out.

Stephanie seems to have a leg up on wedding planning since she knew it was only a matter of time before Dave popped the question. As soon as he did she knew there was only one venue for them and that place was Boca Raton. Stephanie says that there were three factors that made this bright destination the number one choice: the tropical location, the fact that her parents honeymooned at the same resort she wanted to hold her wedding at and the venue’s incredibly lush landscaping. The deal sealed on Boca Raton she began to plan her wedding with someone local in order to get all the best deals and inside scoop. She recalls that she wore tangerine pants to their first meeting and the wedding planner knew that she wanted to have a truly Boca Raton themed wedding. Stephanie was stunning in an Angel Sanchez mermaid gown that had a ruffled strapless neckline, was extremely form fitting and perfectly flared to make her look like an actual mermaid had washed up on shore. The primary colors for the wedding were hot pink, orange and red and while that may sound incredibly bold and brash Stephanie was able to work in the bright elements very tastefully. Dave remarks that Boca Raton was probably the best place for all of those elements to come together and if by that he means it was an amazing place to source fresh, cheery flowers then he is absolutely right!