The Blue Brigade, Which Shade is Right for Your Wedding Decor?

Nautical navy or an azure sky? How to choose the perfect blue for your wedding.

Bride Wearing Blue Mask
Blue is by far one of the most popular color combinations used for a wedding, but do you know which shade you want?

Don’t get the blues over blue! One of the most popular color choices for a wedding, blue comes in many shades and hues and it can get quite tricky to decide which is the right blue for you. Here is a helpful guide to have any bride singing the blues.

Navy is a very popular choice for modern brides. Especially the ones that are still a little bit traditional and don’t want to give up the idea of a white wedding. Navy pairs spectacularly with white (as do a lot of shades of blue which is probably why it is such a popular color choice for today’s brides!) Navy is a good choice for the city as it is somber and sophisticated. A picture perfect navy wedding might take place on the roof of a highrise with drapes of navy pulled against the windows to obscure the light and as fairy lights twinkle against navy runners and tablecloths.

During the day, navy serves as a sobering counterpart to harsh sunlight streamlined by narrow alleys and winding turns of the city skyline. Navy is also perfectly acceptable at a country wedding but is a less mainstream choice as navy does not give that glimmering effect that rustic weddings demand. If you want a navy wedding au naturel the way to go is nautical! Another popular place for this popular color, a nautical wedding on the coast or at a marina becomes a sophisticated affair when navy is used with a light touch. Picture a marina draped in swaths of navy that contrast against the perfect cerulean of the ocean and the whiteness of the docks and sand. Navy isn’t just for the venue and the decor, it’s also for your outfitting. A navy wedding dress might be too close to black for comfort and so a lot of brides might not be down with the idea of an all navy dress but navy accents especially against a crisp white dress are just what the doctor ordered. Use a large and rough navy sash to pull together the rowdiness of an eyelet dress or navy accents in airy chiffon will anchor the fabric to create the most perfect wedding dress. Something that might account for the popularity of navy could be that your groom will jump for joy if you choose it as your wedding color. Name one handsome fellow that isn’t made more handsome by a dapper navy suit? Also his groomsmen will pledge their undying love to him because they probably already have a navy suit handy! Every good man does.