Spice it Up


As summer comes to a close, August brides tend to get a bit creative when it comes to their attire and opt for stunning color schemes that combine the fun of summer with the spice of fall. Off-white gowns are hot during the month of August, and we’ve found that ivory, champagne and cream colored gowns are some of the most popular choices. Our August brides-to-be love incorporating their favorite colors and schemes into their gowns by choosing styles that feature colored sashes. This little pop of color is sure to make a big impression when your groom first lays eyes on you at the end of the aisle! If you’ve put off buying your gown till the last minute, be sure to check out our collection of new arrivals online or visit our VOWS store in person! With thousands of designer gowns to choose from at a fraction of retail price, we’ve got you covered and will help you find the dress of your dreams just in time for your big day!