What to Wear to an Engagement Party

We are obsessed with wedding gowns and finding the perfect one but what about your engagement party?

Women at Engagement Party
Choosing the perfect dress for your engagement party is a great way to look your best.

You better clear out some room in your closet! Getting married is expensive and while weddings are fun sometimes people can forget to factor in the price of every other party they have to attend that comes with getting married. For instance, your engagement party. While not everyone chooses to have an engagement party they can be chosen for you and it can be a surprise so you better be prepared! It’s good to start off your wedding preparations with a little shopping spree. I mean, not that we ever need an excuse to shop but your engagement party is a great time to invest in a sophisticated party dress.

That’s exactly how you should approach this kind of shopping. Consider every dress you buy for these occasions to be an investment. Getting married isn’t just something you do once and forget about. It also signifies a big change in your life, not just a celebration of your love and commitment to someone else. It means that you are of an age where you can love and commit to someone else and the parties at that age are going to require a totally different wardrobe. Depending on what age you get married at, you might find that your number of single friends is slowly diminishing and that the number of nights you need to pull off a sparkly cocktail dress are also diminishing along with them. This could be a welcome relief but what are you going to do with a closet full of sheath dresses and cheap heels when you are confronted with an invitation to your own engagement party? The perfect dress for an engagement party is something that shows that you are acknowledging the upcoming transition. It should definitely be a party dress, but even if it is a cocktail party, this dress is slightly elevated from a cocktail dress. It should just flirt with being flirty and be sophisticated but not something you would see on Golden Girls. Those are a lot of rules to abide by and it can seem impossible so here are a few good pointers to follow. A good engagement party dress silhouette is a sheath dress. It’s just as flattering as a bodycon dress from your nights of going out but it’s not so skintight that everyone can see what is just for your husband now. A sheath dress is so sophisticated that you can glam it up with jewelry and messy hair to show that you are still young and fun.

It’s all about finding the right balance with an engagement party dress.