Mellow Yellow for the Perfect Wedding Theme Color

Bride & Bridesmaids in Yellow
Yellow is a very traditional color for a wedding that comes in a variety of shades.

Yellow is an often overlooked color for weddings, but it is so delightful when done right!

What is it about yellow that always makes it an afterthought? It’s not usually anyone’s favorite color and the first associations you probably make with the color yellow are not often pleasant ones. Let’s try to distance ourselves from disgusting associations though and find the brighter side. Yellow won’t lead you down the primrose path, even though it looks as though it literally might. It’s a wonderful and unexpected color for a wedding that everyone can get around!

If you think about it, yellow is kind of already the color you will most likely encounter at your wedding. If you’re having an outdoor wedding in the daytime then the yellow sun overhead is drenching all of your pictures in glorious yellow light or if you’re having a night time wedding then the yellow glow of the warm candles all around is turning everything magical with its awesome yellow powers. Pay homage to the gorgeousness that yellow is already offering to you by matching your attire and your decor to the light it’s shedding. A yellow wedding gown might be a bit much but if you lean towards ecru or ivory you are already relying on yellow to change the shade of your gown. If your palate does not lean as heavily towards a creamy taste, a yellow accent to your wedding gown can be really sweet and simple instead. Yellow is not just the hidden color of cream but it is also the airy lightness and crispness of yellow. A yellow sash over an eyelet lace dress is so darling that it almost makes your teeth hurt just thinking about it or yellow beading on your bodice looks like lemon drops were dancing not just in your brain. If you want to keep your gown pristine and your locks are not golden yellow then there are many other places to stash this treasure of a color. A yellow headband is of course the first idea because how adorable is that! But if you want to be more sophisticated don’t forget yellow’s glamorous older sister: gold. Gold pins and brooches and clips in your hair are a great way to show a spunky fresh spirit on your wedding day and they will dazzle brilliantly in the aforementioned yellow light. Don’t forget about yellow diamonds! So we can’t all afford to be Jennifer Lopez, but the canary diamond is not out of your reach. Hint to your guy that you might want a small one set in gold as your wedding band or gift to yourself a tiny ring to remember your wedding day by.

Yellow is a refreshing color on the wedding scene because not that many people know how to capitalize on it’s power.