Pastel Power for Your Wedding Decor & Theme Color

Pastel Wedding Decor
If you’re planning on having an Easter wedding, you ought to consider pastel-themed decor.

Spring is all about pastels but as summer comes around can you keep it up?

It’s probably because of Easter that Spring has made itself so friendly with pastels but now that the trees are all in bloom and we’ve definitely gone past rebirth into firmly alive, does that mean your summer wedding can’t benefit from a softer touch? Pastels are excellent colors for a wedding because they are sweet, humble and romantic but all of those adjectives seem more befitting an early Spring ceremony than a hot summer wedding. How can you turn up the punch? It’s not as hard as you might think!

It seems like an oxymoron but there are such things as fluorescent pastels. These are the same pastels you know and love but with the volume turned up to eleven. The great thing about neon pastels is that they aren’t as loud and showy as the normal highlighter or dayglo shades of neon but they are definitely still on trend. So how do you tell a fluorescent pastel from a regular one? It’s sort of like when you sprinkle a little water on a chalk drawing. Before the colors start to run, it begins to take on a brighter life. Pastels are sort of muted and chalky because they are light shades of a color that have been diluted by adding a lot of white pigment. Lessen the white pigment and return to the true origin of the color a little bit to find that pastel’s inner wild side. Instead of a robin’s egg blue try aqua, mint or turquoise. Mint and turquoise dial down the whiteness and pale nature of robin’s egg blue by adding a little bit of a more green element. These are still sober colors compared to red or yellow but they pack a bigger punch than a pastel. Instead of a pale daisy yellow go for a natural egg yolk yellow. Yellow by nature is kind of a mellow color (maybe where that song title comes from?) so you can get really creative and bright with it. While a highlighter yellow is still not recommended it’s still a lot more acceptable than a neon orange that is reminiscent of hall monitors and crossing guards. Speaking of orange, it’s actually a wonderful color to consider. Sherbet tones are so yummy and often left out of a pastel color scheme so they still seem fresh at a summer wedding. You might have to hail an ice cream truck to satisfy the cravings the color will stir up but even heading to the pinker side of orange with a color like coral will just make your mouth water.