Meet: Jessica Williams, Designer of Alvina Valenta Wedding Gowns

The gorgeous collection of dresses designed by Jessica Williams for the line known as Alvina Valenta are wedding dress legends.

Jessica Williams Designer
Jessica Williams, creator of JLM Couture’s Alvina Valenta line of wedding gowns.

Alvina Valenta is a line of wedding dresses that are legendarily known for their otherworldly beauty. One of the key features of this collection is that it is somehow classic and couture at the same time. Designed by young upstart, Jessica Williams, these dresses all seem one of a kind and yet they are also reminiscent of classic bridal shapes and structures. Williams is known for deftly traversing that line and is often looked up to for that reason. Alvina Valenta dresses are still new to the bridal world but they sell like hotcakes. While we do not receive many Alvina Valenta dresses in store, when we do it’s hard to keep them on the racks for more than a day or two! Always in demand, you know you can trust Jessica Williams to bring you comfort, luxury and style.

A good way to describe the Alvina Valenta dresses designed by Jessica Williams would be to use the words, “timeless elegance”. Every girl has a vague picture in her mind of what she wants her wedding dress to look like and she forms that picture before she even really knows what a wedding is about or what dresses even are. Williams taps into that childlike dream about the perfect dress and she makes them a reality. These gowns are over the top when it comes to luxury, the way that a child might imagine a princess to look or feel like but they also scale back to include all the things the child has learned growing up especially about how to dress for public and what will last a lifetime. Any girl would feel like a princess in an Alvina Valenta gown, yet she is less likely to feel like a Disney princess and more like a real life princess. Subdued and sophisticated, Alvina Valenta designs are the ones that will withstand the test of time. The way that Williams waves dreams into reality is probably through her attention to detail. The silhouettes are still reminiscent of those childhood dreams of that perfect dress but they are imbued with clever embroidery and draping which transform them into a reality that you could have never dreamed of. Williams really thinks of everything from the quality of each bead on each dress to the color of the thread used to put them on the dress and like a master puppeteer she knows just how to make all of these elements come together to create something fresh yet timeless.

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