Where are You Getting Married, How About Down on the Ranch?

Ranch-style Wedding Ceremony
Having a wedding on a ranch is a great way to incorporate nature and the outdoors into your theme.

Can you get married on the ranch but still have it be a classy affair?

If you grew up in the countryside surrounded by horses then it might be easy to imagine a ranch wedding but if your parents lived in the city or if you have never even seen a horse it’s hard to understand the appeal of a country wedding at a ranch. Horses are large and unsightly, the ranch is filled with hay and manure and it seems the least romantic setting at all. Well, with the right planning a wedding on a ranch can turn into a fairytale wedding for even the most city girl at heart.

The appeal of a ranch wedding is the appeal of a return to nature. This is where it all begins, so go back to the roots of your love. The first time you met or your first date was a modest experience compared to this grand ceremony you are about to take. Embrace and celebrate the lasting and deep roots of that relationship when planning a ranch wedding. Nature is all about the cycles of birth and re-birth and in many ways getting married is a re-birth. You are about to change from being a solitary entity who only needs to really care about and take care of herself to entering a union. You are about to be born again as nature does on the ranch. A ranch wedding is ideally outdoors or at least part of the ceremony or reception should be among nature. Unlike a farm, a ranch is more about the animals especially the horses or maybe cows so they are more raw and unplanned with wild grasses growing everywhere instead of neat crops and rows of agriculture. Look for beautiful wildflowers and pick a location that has been trampled due to use as a spot for your ceremony. When having such a rough-hewn location for your wedding it’s important to find a dress to match. Follow the rules for a destination wedding when planning a ranch wedding because in a lot of ways a ranch wedding is very similar to a destination wedding. Even if your family owns the ranch you are getting married on, you still need to travel there. Embrace a very simple design without a lot of fit or flare so you feel more at one with mother nature. Some great styles are this Manuel Mota A-Line which is modern and elegant yet also simple and rustic or this Romona Keveza A-Line which will highlight your curves.

Embrace the simplicity of a ranch wedding and you will find a peaceful memory is created for a lifetime of remembrance.