Old & New for Your Wedding

If you have a vintage inspired wedding does that mean you still can’t go glam?

Bride Wearing Vintage Wedding Gown
Whether you go vintage or modern with your wedding theme, there are numerous ideas just waiting for you to take advantage of!

There is somehow this awful notion that when you have a vintage inspired wedding you must disallow sparkle of any kind. A vintage inspired wedding is a simple and sweet wedding where everything has been thrifted and covered in lace doilies. While antique trunks overflowing with slightly rumpled silk flowers might be your thing it isn’t necessarily for everyone. We’ve often found that while many brides like the vintage sensibility and price point they shy away from having a vintage inspired or vintage themed wedding because they still have a modern and glamorous taste. Well vintage isn’t all about delicate china patterns and faded brass furniture! There is a glamorous side to every era and we’re going to help the vintage inspired bride find a way to shine.

Let’s remember where the term vintage even comes from. It’s just describing furniture or clothes or accessories from a long time ago and so while popular eras for finding vintage clothing or decoration might be the 1950s or the 1960s that doesn’t mean you have to put your bridesmaids in hoop skirts or watch all of Mad Men for inspiration. For starters, don’t limit your search to just the American past, try other cultures such as Spanish or Indian as they tend to have more glamorous tastes and personality during those eras. For a truly vintage glam wedding look for an open venue. Indoors will do better for allowing you more room and space to decorate and outdoor weddings can often veer too sweet and again into that oft-trampled vintage territory of simple and rustic. If you insist on having an outdoor wedding though there is still a way to have a vintage glam wedding. Try to aim for a late evening or night time soiree, if not ceremony. That way you can use a lighted tent and marquee lights, strings of fairy lights or even candles in mason jars will act like their own little sparkling jewels to give you a glam effect. An indoor wedding would be best in a venue that is a large open space. Try for exposed beams, woodwork or brick to give it that vintage quality but veer towards the side of the industrial as opposed to shabby chic. Industry always connotes something of a futuristic twist to America’s past.

As always, when trying to make themes your own it’s all about the accessories. Mix old pieces of cloth and furniture with bedazzled embellishments to create a vintage inspired wedding that is still perfectly glam!