New York, New York for Your Dream Wedding Destination

Bride & Groom Kissing in Church Wedding
New York City is the perfect destination for a dream church wedding.

The city of dreams could be the place where your wedding day dreams come true!

No other city in the world compares to New York City. It’s the city where you can find anything you want at any time of day or night, the city where you could meet any kind of person and the city where the love of your life is always just around the corner. Immortalized in songs and movies and plays, there seems to be nothing more or nothing new you could say about the island of Manhattan yet every year another person tries. To write the ultimate love letter to the city, write it in your own hand. A city wedding can seem expensive and complicated and while it does have its fair share of travails and may be limiting in budget, it can be done with pomp and circumstance. A New York city wedding is not only a dream come true but it will be a dream you can revisit anytime you like.

Depending on where you live a New York city wedding can be a destination wedding. The great thing about the city though is it’s pretty central location. Boasting two of the world’s biggest and best airports it’s easily accessible by land, sea or air. Also this is the kind of destination wedding nobody will mind as they might want to wrangle in a few more days to do their own share of sightseeing. The great thing about the city is the enormous amount of variety and options you have for planning your wedding. There is no limit to the number of churches and venues available in the city so don’t be afraid to get creative. Unfortunately there are ten times the number of people who also want those venues, native new yorkers and destination brides included so you better book in advance. Like way in advance. To save money and to maybe edge out the competition a little, try holding your actual wedding ceremony outside the city. Go upstate for a more rural feel or try the beaches for something more classically destination. If you still want your city dreams to come true then try a location on Long Island, Gatsby style or even go the Jersey route to get a more quaint suburban feel to your wedding.

For the most traditional of New York city weddings book a reception venue downtown that sits atop a skyscraper giving you and your guests a killer view. Take this night to have a penthouse treatment after your morning rendezvous and I Dos at a church outside of the city.