Runway Review: Alfred Sung Bridal

The King of Fashion, Alfred Sung, takes on a new edge in his latest bridal collection.

Alfred Sung 2014 Wedding Gown
Alfred Sung features an array of stunning wedding gowns to go with his 2014 bridal collection.

For the bride wearing the latest Alfred Sung bridal collection all we have to say is watch out! Her bark is worse than her bite! While we love all the pretty dresses that floated down the runway at this year’s bridal fashion week it’s true that we do sometimes tire of the sweet ballgowns or the glitzy A-Lines. Bridal fashion is quick to become overtired because the kind of traditional bridal gown that fits a wedding: white and long, creates an enduring constraint and limitation for designers who have been in the industry for a long time. Of course playing with radical changes in the color and in hemlines is always experimental and becoming more and more widely accepted but what about the bride who wants to look very “married”? There’s nothing wrong in wanting to wear a long, white dress! After all many brides have been looking forward to this day for a very long time indeed and they want to dress the part as best as possible. Alfred Sung’s newest collection is for the bride that is nontraditionally traditional – the ballerina who listens to punk rock on the weekends.

We love this sweet edginess as it encompasses a wide range of people and budgets. The collection contained long and demure A-Lines as well as sassy and sweet ball gowns. Asymmetrically ruched bodices looked a little hard and edgy as their boning extended a little too far or was a little fashion forward but then they melted into large tulle skirts that looked like cotton candy at the most delicious fair. If the gown had a sassy element it was always balanced by a sweetness, reminiscent of some of our favorite sour coated sweet gummy candies so everything came off with a sense of nostalgia and childhood without being overly saccharine or self-referential. The hair and makeup followed suite. The hair was definitely not to mess as large curls were teased and blown out as though the bride had her hair perfectly done in the most princessy fashion but was then rushed to the wedding in a convertible with its top down and full speed. The undone-done look was equal parts sexy and modest and Alfred Sung once again prevailed at not only showing that he knew where the line was but that he also knew exactly how to toe it. This blown out disheveled sexiness was always tamed and held back by some kind of very sweet and delicate accessory. Large bows and jeweled clips swung the rat’s nest of hair into a purposeful over the shoulder come hither look or swung into an updo that looked as though the bride of frankenstein was the chief guest at the Met Gala.

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