Runway Review: Reem Acra Spring 2014

Peekaboo! Reem Acra’s Spring Bridal line is all about show, not tell.

Reem Acra 2014 Bridal Gown
One of more than twenty bridal gowns designed by Reem Acra for her 2014 collection.

As models came down the runway with lustrous hair and flushed cheeks, it was hard not to get your blood racing about Reem Acra’s Spring 2014 bridalwear. Reem Acra is usually a designer known to bring a lot more of a lusty attitude to bridal wear but this year she takes a little bit more a subtle and coy approach, that we have to say is just as hot! Weddings are always innocent and sweet and bridal dresses are frequently chaste and elegant but Reem Acra wants to dress the twenty-first century woman. Women are no longer bound to the same constraining fashion rules and if you want a dress that reflects your usual style, Reem Acra is the way to go. She has received some criticism for designing gowns that are “too sexy” but if you are a modern bride looking to feel glamorous on your wedding day, these complaints will fall on deaf ears. Also, if you have always cherished the Reem Acra style but felt it would be inappropriate for your venue or guests, then this collection is the one for you.

In interviews for this show, Reem Acra was quoted saying that this collection was about celebrating the sensuality of the female body. All translations of this phrase make it seem as though this will be her sexiest collection yet but she surprised all by presenting a new kind of sensuality. Reem Acra definitely celebrates the female form but in a way that nobody expected. Reem Acra decoded the secret to sexuality which is to be coy, and to highlight your best assets! Gowns had illusion necklines, peekaboo cutouts and romantic lace which drew attention to all the best parts but in a sweet and unexpected way. Total knockouts there was a lot of tulle and sequins to keep it fun but also flirty. Definitely a new direction for the designer but one you don’t want to miss.

As usual though there was an element of whimsy to the show. One of the coolest features were the umbrella veils. Delicate parasols were draped in yards of cascading and embellished tulle which encased the skilled models as they paraded down the runway. It added that little element of the fantastic which the designer is certainly known for.

As for the hair and makeup, it’s definitely a look you want to steal. To mimic the same untamed and yet unknown sexuality of the dresses hair was left wild and loose. Center parted to keep things in the realm of the cute, but the curls are undone reminding you of something else. The models are at once confident and coy which could be due to their flushed cheeks but understated lips. Definitely a showstopper!

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