Glammin’ Under the Sun with the Perfect Wedding Gown

An outdoor wedding doesn’t have to be rustic or vintage, it can be just as glam as a ballroom wedding!

Bride in Princess Wedding Gown
When it comes to choosing the perfect princess wedding gown to go with your outdoor wedding theme, there are many great designs to select from.

As the weather gets warmer and summer is just around the corner wedding season is about to ramp up! You may have already attended some Memorial Day weddings or caught some late spring gatherings but June is notorious for being the month of weddings every weekend. As a guest this is tiresome in its own ways but as a bride planning for a summer wedding there is an enormous amount of pressure to constantly come up with new ideas. After all, every wedding is essentially the same. There’s a girl in a white dress looking worried, cake and dancing. To make your wedding stand out from the madding crowd next summer take a new twist on the outdoor wedding. There seems to be some kind of unwritten rule that an outdoor wedding has to have some kind of rustic or vintage theme and that’s just not true. If you are a glamorous bride with old hollywood dreams or if you just like the bling more than the ring, don’t let having an outdoor wedding stop you! An outdoor wedding can be just as glamorous as Cinderella’s wedding in the fairytale castle and here’s how.

For starters, try to pick a venue that is less garden party and more just party. Venues with indoor/outdoor kind of arrangements such as open terraces or paved walkways will be more conducive to glitz and glam and don’t already come with this prefixed shabby chic kind of theme. A hotel that has a courtyard or some kind of more enclosed outdoor space rather than roving fields or endless gardens is your best bet for a glamorous outdoor wedding. Of course your dress must be nonstop sparkle. For an already glamorous bride who craves this kind of wedding try for a full-skirt gown with a fitted and bedazzled bodice that will be a total showstopper or make more concessions to the outdoors with a sheath dress that has more gemstones than the royal jewels. We like this princess worthy Alvina Valenta full-skirt or this luxurious Vera Wang A-Line. Because the scenery won’t be giving you much in terms of sparkle don’t be afraid to go heavy on the jewels. Scrape together some money from your budget for costume jewelery that shines brighter than the sunshine. Heavy chandelier earrings paired with a jeweled choker and an arm full of bracelets? Now is certainly the time for that! If you can swing it try to plan a sunset or evening wedding and deck out your venue with twinkly lights and lanterns to bring an artificial sparkliness to the whole place. It will feel like a wonderful fairyland right in the middle of summer.

A midsummer night’s dream indeed!