Vintage Vineyard for Your Wedding Destination

Vineyards are one of the most popular destinations for a wedding and vintage is one of the most popular themes, when these two come together the real magic happens!

Vineyard Wedding Destination
If you’re set on having a destination wedding, take a moment to consider a vineyard.

One of California’s biggest attractions is Napa Valley, a lush landscape filled with the most delicious vineyards in the country. It’s a popular destination for weddings because with such a wonderful location you won’t need anything else!

A vineyard is definitely a location for an outdoor wedding. While there are gorgeous venues all around the valleys, it is the smell and feel of a vineyard that is really transportive. Try to find a time during the summer, spring or early fall for the ideal vineyard wedding. If you are worried about rain you can book a tent or an alternate rain date but to truly enjoy a vineyard wedding you want to be as ensconced in the scenery as possible. Some locations are just right for an outdoor wedding and a vineyard is a place you won’t want to compromise on. Even a cloudy day is transformed by the verdant scenery that a vineyard provides. Vineyards have lots of different kinds of foliage too so you won’t just have fields of grapes or lines or vines. There are also green lawns and large trees so scout out the location for the perfect spot. Under a tree is great rain or shine and looks spectacular in photographs.

When it comes to a vineyard wedding you don’t need anything besides the place itself. Keep your decorations minimal and let them mimic your surroundings. If having a vineyard wedding is a destination wedding for you then you’re off the hook for florals and decor because the vineyard provides it all. If you do want florals, source them locally and look for greens. A bunch of ripe grapes tumbling out of a bowl or long leaves and vines decorating the aisle are perfect. For a vineyard wedding you want to blend in, not stand out! Break all the wedding rules in having a vineyard wedding. Even your bouquet can be picked from the locale. Just get there and inspiration will find you!

Same goes for your dress. Follow the rules of a destination wedding dress and keep things simple. A sheath style is perfect for a no-fuss vineyard wedding. Splurge instead of fabrics like silk or chiffon to keep your dress from getting caught or drawing too much attention away from the scenery.

Of course the best part of a vineyard wedding is that the wine and cheese is flowing! All of your guests will be satisfied and you will have a beautiful rosy glow all day.