What Makes a Perfect Destination Wedding Dress?

The destination wedding seems to be all about location, but we don’t want to forget another important piece of real estate: your dress!

Bride & Groom on Destination Beach Wedding
Many brides are choosing their wedding gown based on the destination of their wedding.

When you’ve spent months or years scoping out a location, when making a guest list was the most complicated math you’ve ever had to do and you’re scraping together pennies for the rest of your wedding budget it can be hard to even think about a wedding dress. A destination wedding can be a dream come true. You could take everyone you love to one of your favorite places in the world, immersing them in your most treasured experiences and memories. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience! A destination wedding can also be a great way to explore that place that you’ve always wanted to travel to. The magic of your wedding will be imbued with a spirit of adventure and exploration–you and your guests together will get to explore a whole new world as you embark on your own journey into married life. There are definitely a lot of reasons to have a destination wedding but one of the biggest cons is how expensive they can be. A destination wedding has to factor in travel expenses not just for you and your wedding party but for your friends and family which can be very limiting for many people. In the midst of all this financial crisis, it seems as though the only thing you’re allowed to spend money on in a destination wedding is the destination but that is simply not true. We will tell you the perfect kind of dress for a destination wedding, and you’ll find that we carry many similar dresses and at very affordable prices!

While it’s true that you don’t want to spend too much money on a destination wedding dress, price is not the only factor to consider. The destination wedding can be a quandary because you don’t want to settle on quality. You want high quality fabrics that will not only hold up at your destination (rain or shine, hot or snowy, dry or wet) but you also want fabrics that will travel well. You don’t want to walk down the aisle with big wrinkles or for one stray raindrop to leave unbearable watermarks. That doesn’t mean that you should settle for a yard of the finest silk and hope to make do. You can still go for bling, but it is common to keep the embellishments to a minimum for a destination wedding dress.

Wherever you are going, we’ll help you get there in style.